That includes Goldbeg vs the Fiend for the Common Championship and Ricochet vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

We’re firmly on the Highway to WrestleMania 36, which takes place on Sunday, April 5 in Tampa, Florida, however earlier than we arrive on the Grandest Stage of Them All, one other stadium show is ready to go down. WWE is returning to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to current the newest Super ShowDown event. The show takes place tonight, Thursday, Feb. 27 from Worldwide Area at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. WWE Super ShowDown is scheduled to start at midday ET and will stream reside on the WWE Community.

We have the fairly the match card introduced up to now, Introduced for the event are:

WWE Common Championship – “The FiendBray Wyatt (c) vs. Goldberg

WWE Championship – Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Ricochet

WWE Smackdown Tag Crew Championships –The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Huge E) (c) vs. The Miz & John Morrison

WWE RAW Tag Crew Championships – Seth Rollins & Murphy (c) vs. The Avenue Earnings

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship – Bayley (c) vs. Naomi

Metal Cage Match – Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

6-Approach Gauntlet Match for the Tuwaiq Trophy
AJ Kinds vs. Andrade vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Erick Rowan vs. R-Fact

Mansoor vs Dolph Ziggler

The Viking Raiders vs The OC

Angel Garza vs Humberto Carillo

Be a part of us for reside protection and all the speaking points!


KICKOFF SHOW – Viking Raiders vs The OC

Erik and Karl Anderson kick issues off. Erik begins with the dominance to Anderson. tag made to Ivar who does harm. Erik tagged again in. Erik slams Ivar onto Anderson for a nearfall. Luke Gallows will get a tag off a distraction and the OC take management. Gallows will get a giant boot for a 1 rely . Luke gallows continues the harm with a giant leg drop for a 2 rely.After a tag from Anderson Erik fights again and tags in Ivar. Ivar cleans home together with his athletic offense with cartwheels and rolls galore. After Ivar misses a brnci buster him and Andrsin tag of their companions Erik and Gallows alternate. tag again to Ivar. Extra again and forth between the teams.  The finish comes when Ivar goes for a moonsault on Anderson and he strikes. Anderson makes the tag to Gallows and the OC hit the Magic Killer for the win.


Tuwaiq  Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match R Fact vs Erick Rowan vs Aj Kinds vs Rey Mysterio vs Bobby Lashley vs Andrade.

R- Fact is the first to enter the gauntlet. R truth is tremendous over in Saudi Arabia. Bobbly Lashley is out next towards R Fact. Lashley take management Early. Fact comes again with 10 punches within the corner earlier than being knocked outside. Lashley punishes Fact on the outside. Within the ring Lashley hits a staling suplex for two. Lashkey goes for a dominator however Fact hits John Cena’s spinning powerbomb with the  5 knuckle  shuffle he goes for the AA however after a counter Lashley hits a flat liner. Spear try by Lashley however Fact evades and rolls up Lashley to get rid of him ! Lashley beats the hell out of Fact post match ending the assault with a spear. Andrade makes his return and is out next towards R- Fact. Because the ref is tending to Fact Andrade begins his Assault. Andrade targets the arm that Lashley broken. Andrade hits his double knees within the corner for a nearfall 2 rely. Andrade goes for a hammer lock DDT however Fact evades. Andrade goes for a excessive knee within the corner Fact geese and Andrade takes a nasty spill to the outside. Fact mounts a comeback within the ring. Andrade goes for a spinning again elbow and the 2 men hit heads Fact falls on Andrade for the three rely. It seems Andrade is legit damage. Erick Rowan is out next. The massive man splashes Fact within the corner adopted by a slam and now an assault from Rowan. Fact will get Rowan on the outside and hits a dive.. Rowan punishes Fact outside the ring. Rowan hits Fact with the metal steps inflicting a DQ and Fact strikes on . Rowan hits an Iron Claw slam on Fact. The Phenomenal AJ Kinds is out next. Kinds slowly walks to the ring. Kinds taunts Fact. Fact goes for a punch and falls. Styless does a humorous R Fact like dance and stomps on Fact. AJ continues alternating dancing and kicking Fact. Kinds punishes Fact’s leg and locks the caf crusher in to get rid of R Fact. Rey mysterio’s music hits however hes no the place to be seen. Kinds is laughing. Backstage The OC are attacking Rey Mysterio. Stlyes will get on the mic and declares himself the gauntlet winner. He tries to get the ref to increase his hand the reffere refuses. He tells the time keeper to ring the bell. The ring announcer says AJ’s opponent has ti the rely of ten to get to the ring. backstage the OC are knocked down. We see a person in an extended black coat pass the body and then… The Undertaker’s music hits.  The dead man has entered the constructing. Undertaker is formally coming into the gauntlet match. Kinds argues with te reffere and turns round right into a chokeslam.  Undertaker pins Kinds and wins the Tuwaiq Mountain trophy.


Backstage The New Day hype up their title defense and say they’ll defeat The Miz and Morrison.

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