MLW Fusion #98 Outcomes: Tom Lawlor vs. Ross Von Erich | GRUDGE MATCH

Welcome to one other motion packed episode of MLW:Fusion.  On this episode of Fusion we are going to see the grudge match between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Ross Von Erich.  We can even have the debut of Erick Stevens, King Mo and Logan Creed in motion.  Plus more.  So sit again and revel in Episode #98 of MLW:Fusion.

We kick off the show with with a video bundle reminder of Tom Lawlor screwed over Ross on the 2019 Fusion on Thanksgiving and all of the moments which have led us to this grudge match.

Kirsh and Bocchini welcome us to MLW Fusion #98 in Dallas and we’re prepared to roll.

Moonshine Mantell verse Logan Creed

Creed makes his means to the ring, with Mantell ready for him.  Creed is the bouncer, that was employed by The Dynasty, that Mance Warner shared a charge beers with final week and now Creed has left his affiliation with The Dynasty and needs to show what he’s product of contained in the squared circle.  Logan comes out of the gate firing with fists and an enormous shoulder deal with.  Creed is a giant large man and is utilizing all his power to dominate this preliminary match.  Some viscous chops within the corner and follows it up by simply shoving Mantell to the canvas.  Mantell with a little bit combat in him and tries to even the chances, however Creed stops his momentum with a chop to the throat.  After a choke slam onto his knee, Creed follows it up with a giant boot that knocks Mantell to the outside.  

Wow, 300 lbs of a towering monster flies via the air and lands a suicide dive.  With Mantell again within the ring, Creed hits a giant powerbomb for the decisive win.  

Winner: Logan Creed by pinfall.

A terrific displaying and re-introducing of this character.  We finish thsi phase with a clip of The Dynasty saying which can be going to get Mance Warner.

Douglas James verse Erick Stevens

Erick Stevens makes his means to the ring after we see a video of him calling out Davey Boy Smith Jr.  We get a rundown of how tough and hard Stevens is and the fame that he has within the business.  Douglas James enters the ring next.  And right here we go!

Ding, ding!  Stevens & James circle one another and lock up to get issues going.  A fast stomach to again and a few floor grappling early on by each me.  James disrespects Stevens with some slaps to the pinnacle.  An intense Stevens chops James in opposition to the ropes.  A sequence of arm drags, leap frogs and counters.  James displaying some quickness and nice counters.  Stevens will get away and regroups.

James lands a nasty chop of his personal on Stevens and throws him to the outside.  James makes an attempt a suicide dive, however Stevens catches him and slams him on the apron.  Stevens is now in management and again within the ring.  Some more chops, kicks and headbutts to James within the corner.  Stevens appears to be toying round with James now and simply allotting punishment.  Each wrestlers alternate some disrespectful onerous slaps to the face of one another.  James begins combating again with some highly effective, viscous kicks.  James went to the nicely one too many times and Stevens catches a kick and lands a choke slam.  Stevens goes for the duvet and will get a two depend.  

James placing up a valiant combat to come again and lands a excessive knee to the face and follows it up with an excellent kick after which a meteora.  James will get a close to fall.   Stevens is winded and James is trying to capitalize.  James unleashing some power kicks to the chest and Stevens is asking for more.  One other close to fall from James.  Stevens is on the ropes.  A terrific even match proper now.  Stevens catches James and picks him up in a fireman’s carry and drops him down on his knees, ribs first.  Stevens lands two lariats after which hits his finisher, the Sarasota Screwdriver (Northern Lights Bomb) for the win.

Winner: Erick Stevens by pinfall. 

 A powerful displaying from Stevens, in his debut.  James received over as nicely.  And the saying goes, you shouldn’t have to recover from to go over.  Nice match.  

A video bundle of The Dynasty confronting Mance and taking out his pal, in addition to a clip of Lawlor getting into the world and making gentle of the teaming of the Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

After a recap of FATU beating Pillman Jr. thanks to the assistance of injustice.  Not too long ago, I had the privilege to communicate to Prillman Jr. on Placing You Over about this attack throughout his MLW Heavyweight Championship match and here’s what he had to say: 

King Mo verse Dr. Dax

Dr. Dax not solely didn’t get an entrance, he didn’t even get a reputation graphic, so I apologize if I spelled his title mistaken.  Dax, a giant man in a masks, slaps King Mo throughout the chest and makes use of his dimension to do it once more within the corner.  King Mo goes for a suplex twice, however they’re each blocked.  Dr. Dax goes for a power slam, however King Mo drops down and sinks in a rear bare choke for the faucet out.

Winner: King Mo by submission.

Fast and spectacular work by King Mo.

Ross Von Erich verse “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Lawlor makes his means to the ring first and is mocking the Von Erichs by carrying a Cowboy hat, carrying a bull rope and a Von Erich shirt.  His opponent has waited four months for this match and right here he comes, Ross Von Erich.  Ross is fired up and getting an enormous pop from the Dallas crowd.  Right here we go.   

Ross comes out of the gates firing with uppercuts and a kick to the outside.  Ross joins Lawlor outside and continues to carry the combat.  Ross tosses Lawlor again within the ring, however Tom will get the higher hand as Ross makes his means into the ring.  Lawlor now getting some assaults in, however Ross strikes out of the best way and hits a springboard senton for two depend.

Lawlor taking some fists within the corner.  A member of Staff Filthy pulls Ross down and offers Lawlor the benefit after Tom was both poked within the eye or was enjoying possum.  Lawlor is in management now and delivering some chops throughout the chest of Ross.  Lawlor delivers some nasty knees to the face of Ross and follows it up with a suplex.  Tom mounts Ross and digs his shin throughout the throat of Ross.  Tom retains brings the onslaught to Ross within the corner.   Tom is in full management now.  

As Lawlor unleashes more kicks to the chest of Ross, the gang is verbally assaulting Tom.  Ross will get fired up after a pele kick and right here he comes.  A dropkick by Ross, which he follows up with a working boot into the corner.  Ross hits a double foot stomp into the corner at times drops Lawlor on his head with a impaler DDT.

Ross lands one other suplex and requires the Claw.  Lawlor’s Staff Filthy affiliate tries to get entangled, however Ross knocks him down.  Ross is sizing up Lawlor for the Claw.  As Ross goes for the Claw, Garrini jumps within the ring and the ref requires the bell. 

Winner: Ross Von Erich by DQ

Garrini and Lawlor beat down Ross.  Right here comes Marshall Von Erich to save the day.  Ross & Marshall clear up the ring and toss Garrini to the outside.  Each Von Erichs are sizing up Lawlor, however Erick Stevens enters the ring now to save Tom.  Erick Stevens has joined Staff Filthy and all hell has broke free.  Stevens chokes out Ross with the bull rope, as Lawlor ties up Marshall & they spit on the Texas flag.  A rubbish can is thrown within the ring by a fan, which Stevens makes use of to hit Marshall.  Tom is violating the Texas flag and safety has proven up to try to break issues up.  The show goes off the air with Staff Filthy throwing the Texas Flag within the trash.

Untill Subsequent Week…….

In the event you would like to see the full interview of Brian Pillman Jr., you possibly can catch it at Placing You Over on Youtube.

You may also catch Placing You Over Live at Twitch.television/TheStandingStreamer.

-The Standing One  

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