NXT Live Results (2-19-2020) Robust vs. Dream, Lio Rush vs, Jordan Devlin and the fallout from NXT Takeover: Portland.

Welcome, everybody to the first show since NXT Takeover: Portland. Takeover Portland is must-see and it’s an early contender for pay per view of the yr. There have been three matches and one phase introduced prior to the show. Johnny Gargano will clarify his surprising actions at NXT Takeover: Portland, Chelsea Inexperienced seems to be to relaunch The Robert Stone Model in opposition to Kayden Carter, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin defends in opposition to Lio Rush, and The Velveteen Dream returns to motion in opposition to Roderick Robust.

Velveteen and Roderick has grow to be a really private combat and it’ll probably be our main event tonight. In case you missed it, I counsel you to take a look at Velveteen’s Twitter to catch the entire exchanges that occurred this previous week.

First, on the show we see a bundle recapping all that occurred throughout NXT Takeover: Portland. The Undisputed Period comes out with Mauro mentioning they solely have one championship left. Mauro mentions that Adam Cole’s reign is now 263 days lengthy all thanks to Johnny Gargano. Adam Cole says he instructed everybody that obsession won’t ever defeat future. He says that the UE will proceed to set the instance in NXT. Velveteen Dream interrupts and says that Robust has to show that he’s a person and go away the UE at home. The Full Sail crowd closely boos after they show what Gargano did to Tomasso Ciampa. 

The first match is for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Lio Rush is first out and afterward, Jordan Devlin comes out. Mauro asks if we must always ever guess in opposition to an ace. As they’re launched Jordan Devlin receives fairly just a few boos. This match begins with a stronghold to the corner. Mauro mentions how Devlin was educated by Finn Balor. They’re each swinging and lacking till Lio connects an enormous boot to Devlin. Lio Rush goes for the pin however Devlin kicks out at two. Throughout this business break, Lio Rush is in management and giving heavy offense crammed with kicks to Devlin.  We see Devlin start to counter however Lio shortly kicks out. Devlin proceed to seize his ribs. Devlin begins delivering his hard-hitting offense. This match start to quicken up and Devlin counters the Sonic Increase. Devlin places a knee to the chest of Lio after which grinds his foot proper beneath his chin. Devlin continues to toy with Lio Rush. Lio Rush begins to ship blows to Devlin however Devlin continues to counter. 

As we come again from business break we see a mid-air collision. Rush wipes out Devlin goes for the cross body however Devlin kicks out. Devlin destroys Lio Rush with that cutter however Rush falls to the mat. Devlin moonsaults however has an ungainly touchdown. Each catch one another with kicks, Devlin then goes for a Spanish Fly however Rush catches him for the clutch however Devlin finds the underside rope forcing the breakout. Avalanche buts Devlin finds the underside rope together with his boot on 2. Devlin’s slide connects and he retains the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.  

We see Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzales being interviewed. Raquel mentions that she is aware of what it is like to be pushed apart and neglected. Dakota says that now that Raquel has proved that she has her again she has hers. Regal interrupts and says that Dakota Kai will face Tegan Nox inside a metal cage in two weeks. 

We see Cathy Kelly interviewing Rhea Ripley proper after Portland and  Rhea says that Charlotte’s attack at Portland backfired as a result of now Ripley will get what she has at all times wished: the NXT Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania.

Austin Concept comes out to the ring and now Ciampa shows up with out his entrance music. He grabs a mic and stands within the middle of the ring and says to Concept, not tonight. Ciampa feels that he ought to have seen this coming since he stopped paying consideration to his environment. He mentions how Gargano has constantly price him the championship and he says that he’s not asking why Johnny why. Concept interrupts with a punch to Ciampa and Ciampa lays him out. He now says that so as to get his life again there may be no Johnny Gargano in NXT. As Ciampa leaves the mic, Austin Concept goes to attack Ciampa however Ciampa shortly counters and offers Concept a brutal attack.  He continues to swing Concept between the 2 corners of the entranceway.

 We then go backstage and see Robert Stone directing Chelsea Inexperienced’s photoshoot and up next might be her rematch with Kayden Carter.

We see Finn Balor featured in a bundle spotlight his win in Portland. He says that NXT is his chessboard and that next week we’ll see his next transfer. 

205 Live Veterans Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde team up in opposition to the Grizzled Younger Veterans. Grizzled Younger Vets nonetheless upset after their loss to the Broserweights. Wilde and Zach Gibson start and we see Gibson do reversal of the Irish Whip. We see Wilde convey down James after he’s tagged in by Gibson. James as soon as once more tags in Gibson. He brings Wilde to the corner and tags in Gibson. They neutralize Wilde and James tags in. Moonsault Press by Wilde lays out James. Wilde tags in Raul Mendoza who begins to shortly ship a heavy offense. Double Thrust to the throat slows Mendoza down. James kicks off Wilde and the Grizzled Younger Vets beat Mendoza and Wilde. The Grizzled Younger Vets say that they’re right here to take over and Full Sail will soon be referred to as Wales Quantity One. 

We see a  promotion for NXT UK’s Takeover in Dublin Eire on April 26. Mauro mentions how a lot Pete Dunne has accomplished for NXT UK. The Broserweights enter the sector for the first time as NXT Tag Workforce champions. They proceed to have fun with these ringside and as soon as within the ring Riddle asks concerning the golf cart and Dunne says that it’s impounded. He then goes on to say that each one that issues is that they’re now tag team champions.  He says each Stallion Riddle and Dunne partied laborious in Portland. He then says that the Dusty Rhodes Tag Workforce Traditional Cup has failed the wellness coverage and is suspended for 30 Days. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out and interrupt. Dunne begins the match in opposition to Burch. Dunne shortly lowers Burch to the bottom with a stronghold and ties him up.  Burch begins to counter, Dunne goes for the armbar however Burch counters and will get a two depend. They each tag of their companions, Riddle and Lorcan. Broserweights ship a pair of gut-wrenching suplexes as we go to business break.  

As we come again from business break we see nice offense from Lorcan to Riddle. Riddle tags in Dunne and whereas Lorcan tags in Burch. Dunne stomps Burch’s hand and Burch pushes in Dunne to Riddle for the tag. Riddle goes for the quilt however Lorcan interrupts to save his accomplice. Burch goes for steady pins in opposition to Riddle forcing him to faucet out however Dunne interrupts after resisting Lorcan’s attack, Lorcan stops Riddle from tagging in Dunne. Riddle delivers a powerbomb to Burch. Riddle tags in Dunne and Burch tags in Lorcan. Dunne resists a heavy set of kicks and tags in Riddle. Broserweights win when Riddle pins Lorcan with a hook of the leg. After the match, the Broserweights go into the gang to have fun. 

Backstage we see Robust inform the Undisputed Period that tonight he desires to do that by himself for himself.

After the business break, we see America’s Favourite Sons upset with the Grizzled Younger Veterans. As Keith Lee comes to the ring, we see a bundle highlighting his look final night time on WWE’s Backstage show on FS1. Earlier than Lee can converse a single phrase Conner Reeves interrupts. Lee instantly pounces on him and tells the referee that he can ring the bell. As soon as the bell rings, Lee shortly wins with an enormous, dangerous disaster. As Lee celebrates Dijakovic goes into the ring and says he isn’t prepared to transfer on but. Lee says that whereas all of us have excuses, the very fact of the matter is that he won the match. However in truth, he says that wherever they combat he at all times hears the mantra of Battle Without end. If Dijakovic can discuss Regal into it, Lee says that they’ll combat perpetually. 

Kayden Carter is the first one to seem and we’re reminded that she was those to trigger Robert Stone’s Model to fail throughout their launch. Robert Stone introduces Chelsea Inexperienced because the face of the ladies’s division. Corridor of Famer, Beth Phoenix shortly asks, “What has Chelsea Green done to be introduced as the face of the women’s division.” Carter shortly goes for a fast roll-up. Carter delivers a kick and goes for a pin however Inexperienced powers up. Carter is caught within the corner on the ropes however powers up after Inexperienced goes in for the pin. Carter powers out of Inexperienced’s stronghold however is then catapulted into the center rope. Inexperienced stands on Carter’s hair however Bianca Belair steps into the ring. She tells Charlotte Aptitude that although she doesn’t go right here now that she has hit Belair, she vows to whoop her ass. Chelsea Inexperienced wins after an enormous help from Robert Stone. 

Introduced for next week, Ciampa will faceoff in opposition to Austin Concept and Finn Balor might be Live. And in two weeks, Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai will face off inside a metal cage.

Tonight’s main event would be the much-anticipated match between The Velveteen Dream and Roderick Robust. The Velveteen Dream comes out for his first match since October. Whereas contained in the ring Dream mouths the phrases, “Hi Marina” and blows a kiss. Roderick Robust is using solo to this grudge match. Robust continues to go after Dream’s knee. The correct hand from Dream has Robust retreating. Dream tries to use his gear’s belt to lash out at Robust. Each men search for leg locks. Dream decides to gradual it down, and strolls outside of the ring and as soon as in delivers a heavy kick and a heavy push into the corner to Robust. Robust offers Dream a thumb to the attention and delivers his putting offense and Dream rolls out after a tough backbreaker. Dream baited Robust after which kicks Robust when he goes outside of the ring. He then throws Robust into the ring steps. Robust retreats and continues to stroll across the ring however Dream powers him into the barrier.  Whereas Dream is entering into the ring, Robust catches him and whereas Dream kicks at him he powerbombs him into the barrier after which as soon as within the ring delivers one other backbreaker to Dream. The dream continues to kick out at one after a number of pin makes an attempt from Robust. It has been a hard-hitting battle and Robust and Dream collide within the corner.

They each strike at one another frames and as soon as once more collide in the course of the ring. Dream pushes Robust into the Nook and delivers his personal pendulum backbreaker. Robust crashes his forearm to the jaw of Dream however the Dream goes for a DDT however Robust kicks out at two. The dream continues to go for punches, Robust counters the Irish whip and makes Dream damage by making him fall into the uncovered high turnbuckle. Dream goes for the Dream Valley Driver however Robust pushes him to the ground. Each men proceed to counter as they every attempt to arrange their signature finishes. Robust goes for the submission however Dream crawls to the underside rope. Dream launches Robust out of the ring. Robust sunsets flip again to the ring however is then confronted with a kick to the face from Dream. Robust goes to the ropes after which kicks Dream. The dream then counters with The Dream Valley driver. Whereas Robust is recuperating Dream takes off his tights to reveal one other set of tights with Marina’s face in the back and front. Dream jumps into the Undisputed Period and whereas Dream wins he’s attacked by the Undisputed Period. The show finishes with Robust delivering an finish of heartache and the Undisputed Period on high of the Velveteen Dream. 

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