Raw comes to us reside from Ontario  California

Seth Rollins and his disciples come out to start the show.

Rollins tells us he’s right here to lead us to the future however first he has to deal with the previous. Rollins cuts to the clip of final weeks elimination match. Rollins says they don’t seem to be leaving the ring till his message is heard. Enter Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders. The three men enter the ring and start brawling with Murphy and AOP. Samoa Joe sneaks up and chokes Rollins disciples break it up. The brawl continues and Owens stuns Murphy.

Becky Lynch Vs Askua w/Kairi Sane Raw Womens Championship

Becky comes out first then Askua, Askua cuts a promo in Japanese. Askua takes management within the first half. Becky begins to come again by focusing on the arm then headlock take down each girls off the ropes shoulder sort out by Lynch. Becky finally ends up on the apron Kari Sane with a distraction and Askua makes use of a hip attack to knock Lynch on the outside. We come again from industrial Askua is in management. Askua will get a close to fall. Askua hits a knee that rocks lynch right into a backbone buster kick out by Lynch at 2. Becky goes for a forearm off the apron on to Askua Kairi Sane strikes Askua out the best way and will get taken out. Askua hits a knee and will get one other close to fall.Disarm-her on the ropes by Becky. Inverted DDT by Becky on the apron. askua hits a superplex for a close to fall goes proper right into a triangle choke Becky hits a powerbomb for a 2 depend. Askua has the Askua lock Lynch escapes and the two girls trade pin-falls. Becky with a manhandle slam for the win and to retain the title. Shayna Bazler comes from behind and assaults Lynch. Bazler begins biting Lynch’s neck and Shayna’s complete mouth is roofed in blood. Medics come to the ring to help the injured champ.

24/7champion  Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss vs The Avenue Income

The road earnings get on the mic as the group chants we wish the smoke. The road Income inform the group all Mojo s recognized for is driving Rob Gronkowsi’s coattails. They go on to say its Wrestle mania and ..THEY WANT THE SMOKE. Backbone buster by Dawkins to Moss Splash by ford the Avenue earnings get the short win. After the match Moss rolls up Mojo to win the 24/7 Championship!

We reduce to Becky within the parking zone. The Man steals the ambulance and drives herself to the native medical facility.

VIP Lounge with Drew McIntyre

MVP hypes up Mcintyre. Mcyintyre comes out. MVP says that Drew is not prepared to main event Wrestlemania however that “We will change that” MVP says Drew wants  somebody like him and gives to be his business manager.Drew says he does not want a business accomplice that is an Ass kisser. MVP stated hes not an Ass kisser hes Ass kicker.M MVP says Drew wants him. Glasgow kiss by Drew. Mcintyre hits a Claymore that sends MVP over one of many couches within the ring.

We reduce to the footage from 2 weeks in the past of Randy Orton Attacking  Edge.

Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega vs Cedric Alexander

Zelina vega shows final weeks footage of Garza taking out Humberto Carillo and Rey Mysterio. Humberto comes out and begins beating down Garza. Carillo is escorted out by safety. Cedric expenses at Garza because the match begins. Garza takes management Cedric fires again with a comeback. Garza drops Alexander face first on the outside. Garza makes an attempt to take off the outside padding Cedric kicks Garza within the steps. Alexander will get Garza again within the ring and  goes for a springboard however is caught with a superkick. Garza hits the Wing Clipper for the win.

We return to final week’s Rhea Ripley and Charlotte confrontation. Ripley is being interviewed by Charly caruso. Ripley says she will get up will get out and dos what she wants to do. Charly begins to ask about Ripley’s defense towards Bianca Belair at NXT Takeover Portland. Sarah Logan interrupts and asks what Ripley thinks shes doing on Raw. Ripley asks Sarah “Who are you?”

Sarah Schreiber is interviewing Bobby Lashley and Lana backstage. Lana says that Ricochet stole Lashley’s dream of dealing with Brock Lesnar final week. Lashley says he’s gonna show Ricochet reality and that Ricochet most likely wont make it to Super Show Down.

Sarah Logan vs Rhea Ripley.

Sarah Logan says she is right here to defend her turf. Ripley comes out to start the match. Charlotte aptitude walks out on the stage. Logan expenses at Ripley. Rhea  catches her with a kick. Few clotheslines by Ripley. Ripley hits the Riptide for the win. Ripley asks Charlotte the place her reply is. Charlotte asks how can we even know Ripley goes to be champion after Sunday.

Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley w/ Lana 

Lashley begins dominating Ricochet. Ricochet with a brief comeback and a dive to the outside. He will get Lashley on the outside once more for one more dive. Extra dominance from Lashley as he throws Ricochet to the outside once more.

Ricochet will get the higher hand with an ideal moonsault off the steps. Again within the ring Lashley counters Ricochets momentum by throwing him face first into the ring post.

Lashley takes management of the match. Ricochet picks up more momentum and builds some offence. A springboard crossbody takes Lashley down, adopted by a standing taking pictures star press. Close to fall. Lashley smashes Ricochet into the mat repeatedly to regain management.

Ricochet fantastically counters a high rope backdrop, follows it up with a couple of pin level drop kicks then delivers the 630 for the win.

A recap of Becky vs Asuka performs, with Shayna attacking post match.

Randy Orton makes his means down to the ring. The commentary team do a fantastic job of promoting Ortons attack on Edge from 2 weeks in the past. The group instantly  begins booing and insulting Randy. Randy grabs a mic. Randy says he nonetheless owes us a rationalization foo what he did 2 weeks in the past. He says what he did to Edge damage him more than it damage Edge. Matt Hardy comes out to an enormous pop and DELETE chants. Matt needs to know why Randy attcked Edge and that all of us need to know why. Matt says Randy might be askng why Matt provides a rattling about Edge. A Lita chant breaks out. Matt talks about how him, Edge, Christian, and Jeff shared lodge rooms and shared a dream of turning into superstars. He then goes ont say at NO Mercy 199 they reinvented the ladder match and that they invented the TLC match and went on to make Wrestle mania history. Matt says him and Edge are related. He says he couldnt think about being in Edge’s scenario when he retired. He then says Randy took Edge’s comeback second when he attacked him 2 weeks in the past. Randy goes for a RKO Matt reverses and begins attacking Randy. Randy then hits a RKO out of nowhere. Randy hits a brutal trying conchairto on Matt. Randy walks again to the stage and appears again on the injury he as achieved to finish the section.

We check out the clip of Ruby Riott’s return final week and her attack on Liv Morgan. Sarah Schrieber interviews Ruby Riott. Ruby says she is aware of the actual Liv Morgan. Ruby says Liv can do all she needs however Ruby can be there to put her in her place and that Liv can strike when she says so.

Alister Black vs Akira Tozawa

Black takes management early with some strikes. Tozawa drops Black with a center  rope drop kick. Black comes again and  hits a knee strike. Black hits Black Mass for the win. Black will get on the mic and says enjoys sharing moments with the fans for the previous weeks. He says he price;s like a animal in a cage. He says he isn’t trapped within the cage along with his opponent they’re trapped in there with him.

Becky Lynch arrives again to the world within the ambulance.

The Man makes her means to the ring. Becky calls out Shayna Bazler after attack earlier tonight. Becky says Shanya has her consideration. Becky says Shayna higher discover her earlier than Becky finds Shayna.

Kevin Owens Samoa Joe and The Viking Raiders vs Seth Rollins AOP and  Murphy

Rollins will get on the mic and him and his disciples  are instantly attacked by the opposite team.

Joe and murphy start the match and exccange offense. Tag made to owens Owens hits a Vader bomb on Murphy. Tag made to ivar the viking raiders do some team work Erik is now authorized. Murphy tags Akam and eats a Knee from Erik. Akam begins beating down Erik and tags in rezar. Rezar hits an enormous kick on Erik. Rezar tags in Rollins. Rollins  works the top of Erik and tags Murphy again n. Murphy and Erik have a trade. Ivar tagged in he hits a cross body on Murphy and takes down AOP and Rollins. Ivar hits a Depraved clothesline on Murphy. Murphy and Owens within the ring owens takes murphy out outside. Rollins takes owens down and places him and Murphy within the ring. Rezar tagged in and he begins working down Owens. Aop start doing injury to Owens. Akam in and laying strikes on Owens tag to murphy.Owens takes rollins off the apron. DDT to Murphy. Samoa Joe and Rollins now authorized. Joe goes for a dive locked by Aop the viking raiders take AOP off the apon. The three massive men to simultaneous dives. Uranage to Rollins within the ring Murphy breaks up the pin. Chaos ensues between all 8 men with bak an forth strikes. Owens dives and takes down AOP and The viking raiders. Rollins gos for a stomp he begins getting choked by Joe. Murphy Tags in he will get a coquina clutch  Akam tries getting concerned however is stopped by Erik Rollins takes benefit of the distraction and hits the stomp on Joe. Murphy with the duvet for the win for his team.

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