MLW Fusion Ep. 96 Results

LIVE from Dallas-Fort Value, Texas. Von Erich Nation.

Welcome to one other version of MLW Fusion. Tonight marks the 96 episode & we’re LIVE from Dallas, Fort Value. The show kicks off with a video package deal from final week & clips of Contra speaking in regards to the demise of The Hart Basis, The Dying Squad.

Filthy Tom Lawlor Promo

Lawlor makes his manner to the ring sporting a Von Erich shirt & being welcomed by a sea of boos. Lawlor mocks the Von Erich whereas contained in the ring & states that it’s nice to be again amongst family. Von Erich hears a fan inform him to take off the Von Erich shirt as a result of he doesn’t deserve it and isn’t a part of the Von Erich family anymore. Lawlor offers the vans what they need, takes the shirt off, spits on it & makes use of it to wipe the sweat off of his nether areas. After Lawlor tosses it into the gang, a fan throws it proper again to an enormous pop.

Lawlor goes on to state that he’s right here to rebuild his actual family & that Staff Filthy Dojo is open for business. Filthy Lawlor now proclaims Dominic Garinni & says we’re listed below are right here to show you what an actual fighter is like, not some flippy, floppy luchador that belongs on Botchamania.

Dominic Garrini v. Zenshi

Garrini is already within the ring and now Zenshi is making his manner to the ring. Each men start by attempting to really feel one another out. Zenshi makes use of his quickness to not get caught by the “Canton Crippler”, Garrini. Garrini lastly will get ahold of Zenshi’s wrist after which ankle, which he refuses to let go. After some makes an attempt to attempt to get out of Garrini’s grasp, Dominic makes an attempt a suplex, however Zenshi lands on his ft.

Zenshi sits on the mat and beckon Garrini to come over and seize him. As Dominic approaches, Zenshi kicks up, grabs Garrini by the neck along with his ft and hits a hurana for a close to fall. Garrini shortly reverses it for, hits a senton and locks on an arm breaker. Zenshi will get to the ropes.

Zenshi makes use of his velocity and quickness once more to leap across the ring, hit a foot sweep & a fast hitting double foot cease to the face of Garrini. Zenshi goes for the duvet, 2 rely. This fusion of types is absolutely making for a good match to date. Zenshi is taking to too Garrini. He hits one other standing senton & goes for a standing capturing star press, however Garrini catches him in an arm bar. Zenshi lastly will get out of it.

Garrini now’s tossing Zenshi round and concentrating on the shoulder and proper arm. Stomping on the proper arm and hitting a senton on to Zenshi’s shoulder. Garrini goes for a suplex, however Zenshi will get out of it with a snap mare. Garrini continues to convey the combat to Zenshi. Zenshi flips away and hits a somersault dropkick to Garrini within the corner. Zenshi heads to the highest, however Garrini catches him & Zenshi flips Garrini to the outside. Zenshi throws Garrini again in and climbs to the highest. Zenshi makes an attempt an aerial transfer, however Garrini catches Zenshi & goes proper again for the shoulder and proper arm of Zenshi.

Zenshi is in a ton of ache and the ref has referred to as for a medic to are available and test on Zenshi. Garrini is not going to stand for this, grabs Zenshi and continues to attack the arm. Garrini hits a judo toss, adopted up by his finisher, a german suplex right into a sit-down arm bar submission for the stoppage. Garrini calls that transfer “The Mighty Mouse”.

Winner by submission, Dominic Garrini.

Alicia Atout asks Garrini if he might have taken it too far. Lawlor solutions for Garrini, calls Alicia “Joan Rogan” & says that Staff Filthy shows No Mercy.

The Dying Squad Assault Pillman

We minimize to Brian Pillman Jr. getting into the venue and we see him get attacked by The Dying Squad, which is damaged up by Davey Boy Smith Jr. Will Pillman have the opportunity to compete tonight?

MJF & Dynasty Promo

MJF clearly had an excessive amount of espresso on this promo. A hilarious promo by the Dynasty. They state that Holliday’s “lawyer slash father” have finagled the Dynasty to be concerned in each match of an episode of MLW Fusion.

Caribbean Champion Savio Vega vs. Richard Holliday (non-title)

Coming down the aisle first is Richard Holliday representing Dynasty. We see MJF has made his manner to the announcers desk to be part of Bocchini and Kirsh. MJF and places over his greatest good friend, Holliday, & babysit his air pods.

Savio Vega makes his manner to the ring with the Caribbean Championship and Singapore cane in hand. MJF mocks Vega and the Caribbean championship. A few collar & elbow tie ups to start us off, which is lastly won by Holliday. Vega and Holliday go at it once more and are feeling one another out. MJF continues to convey a ton of colour to the announce desk.

Holliday now has Vega within the corner and unleashing some boots to the mid-section. Vega will get the very best of Holliday and sends him to the outside with a clothesline. On the outside, Vega man handles Holliday, slamming him into the apron. Each men proceed to beat the hell out of one another on the outside. Vega tosses Holliday again in, however is met with a dynastic again elbow. Each wrestlers change fists and knife edge chops. Vega is now in management, hits a brief arm again kick to the face of Holliday. Holliday holds the ropes and Vega misses a drop kick, which Holliday follows it up with an enormous boot and his finisher.

1-2-3. Winner, Richard Holliday.

MJF introduced rather a lot to this match with some very heelish remarks and off colour feedback. MJF & Holliday proceed to shame Vega and even take the title with them after they depart.

Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr. backstage.

We see Davey Boy speaking up Pillman and telling him to deal with tonight’s match and never fear about being attacked by The Dying Squad. Davey Boy says he has Pilman’s again. Then we see the Von Erichs and so they say that they’ve experience with Contra and still have Pillman’s again.

MLW & Dragongate Coming Quickly

We see a video package deal on the gates being opened between Japan and the US. It’s a video package deal showcasing Dragongate & the superb issues to come between the working relationship between MLW and Dragongate.

MLW Referees Held To a Increased Commonplace

We get a video package deal and report on the MLW refs. After some questionable finishes to title matches & some relaxed ways, MLW officers have determined to consider the officiating of matches. Referees shall be graded and ranked and that can decide the extent of the matches that they are going to be allowed to officiate. MLW officers may also conduct a more thorough background test of the referees that they rent.

Dynasty Produced Episode of MLW Fusion & Vance Warner Packages.

We’re knowledgeable that next week’s episode of MLW Fusion shall be produced by The Dynasty and they are going to be concerned in each match. Subsequent week we are going to get El Intocable, Gino Medina taking over Septimo Drago (Konnan’s protégé), Alexander Hammerstone will put his National Openweight championship on the road verse Aerostar & MJF/Holliday will strive to win again their tag titles verse The Von Erichs.

Alicia Atout is backstage with Mance Warner, who’s ingesting some grownup drinks, and asks him what he thinks of The Dynasty? “Assholes” mentioned Mance. Mance fingers Alicia a beer and walks off.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Jacob Fatu (Champ) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Now up, the MAIN EVENT, Pillman Jr. verse Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship title. Can Pillman do one thing that his father was by no means in a position to do & turn into a World Champion?

Brian Pillman Jr. makes his manner to the squared circle first. A really energetic Pillman comes barreling out to the ring, mullet and white and black Bengal tire trunks. The gang appears to be totally behind Pillman. Right here comes the Champ, Jacob Fatu with Josef Samuel in tow. Fatu with a sluggish methodical stroll to the ring, wanting very intimidating. Digital camera cuts again to Pilman who appears to be like extraordinarily focuses. Will Pillman have the opportunity to do what his father by no means may and turn into a world champion?

With the introductions out of the way in which, we’re prepared to go! Fatu charged after Pillman proper earlier than the bell & will get the fast benefit. Fatu unleashes some vicious head-butts within the corner after which simply tosses Pillman throughout the ring. Fatu then hits a slash on Pillman into the opposite corner & then tosses him throughout the ring once more. Fatu is exercising his energy and power.

Pillman goes for a sundown flip, however can’t pull Fatu down. Fatu goes for a senton, however Pillman will get out of the way in which and hits a kick to the higher chest of Fatu. Pillman continues to unleash kicks and chops to the chest of the champ.

Fatu will get to his ft and Pillman continues the chops to the chest, nevertheless it’s simply making Fatu mad. Pillman hits the ropes, however is met by a chop of his personal from Fatu, which knocks Pillman down. The announcers remind us of Pillman’s shoulder damage that he obtained within the Opera Cup. Now some closed fists to the face of Pillman, pushes him again to the corner. Fatu drags Pillman up by his majestical mullet and lands one other closed fist & one other toss throughout the ring. Fatu is in full management of this match.

Fatu prices a cornered Pillman who lands an elbow and hops up to the second turnbuckle for a flying cross body, however is caught in mid-air by Fatu. Fatu vegetation Pillman in the course of the ring with a swinging uranage. Fatu placates to the gang and locks in a submission by driving the thumb into the trapezii of Pillman. Pillman is in a ton of ache, however makes it to his ft and creates some separation with a jawbreaker on Fatu.

Pilman fights again with Three forearms to the, adopted up by an excellent kick and one other kick to the side of the top of Fatu. Fatu continues to be on his ft, even after Pillman hits a flying forearm. Pillman now leaps to the highest turnbuckle and lands a flying cross body, this time Fatu didn’t catch him.

Pillman is all fired up! (We see on the display screen a video participant of Davey Boy Smith Jr. being attacked by The Dying Squad. It show Smith in bother, however then the Von Erichs comes to Smith’s rescue.) Again within the ring, Pillman strikes out of a Fatu shoulder block and Fatu crashes into the turnbuckle. Pillman hits a springboard flying clothesline and Fatu is in bother. Pillman appears to be like round and climbs to the highest rope. He can sense that that is his second.

Pillman will get to the highest rope, however Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil (Injustice) come out to ringside, thanks to Samuel’s distraction. Pillman turns and hits a flying body press onto Injustice on the outside. However with the referee nonetheless distracted, Myron Reed drills Pillman within the face along with his loaded chest protector. Reed tosses Pillman again into the ring and Fatu hits a standing moonsault. That is it, Fatu hooks the far leg. One, Two……No, Pillman kicks out!

Fatu slides Pillman again to the center of the ring, goes to the corner and hits a prime rope moonsault. Samuel is asking for one more moonsault from the highest. Fatu heads over and hits one other devastating prime rope moonsault. One, Two, Three, Fatu wins.

Winner, and Nonetheless MLW World Champion, Jacob Fatu.

A valiant effort by Brian Pillman Jr. and it took the Dying Squad taking out Pillman’s backup and getting a bit of assist from Injustice, so as to put down Pillman. The show goes off the air with the referee serving to Pillman to the again and Fatu celebrating in the course of the ring along with his title and the Contra Flag.

Till Subsequent Week……

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