WWE Further Plans Counter-Programming Tactics

Thomas Fenton Reports

With the anticipation statement of NXT moving to USA on Wednesday Nights for 8-10 anticipated within the next 36 hours (likley throughout RAW on USA). We are now able to further verify that since today the strategy is for the NXT Takeovers to be relabelled ultimately and will run head to head versus the AEW PPVs

As of today the schedules will all have to be altered. If the huge NXT occasions will likewise be held the weekend of the huge 4 WWE occasions, it is likewise unidentified. WWE does not desire to oversaturate the audience, however does desire to run the huge shows head to head.

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In addition (and as we talked about for weeks) this lineup for WWE’s NXT show will have a much various appearance and will be it’s own brand name. Paul has actually attempted to keep information locked, nevertheless, with any signed information and info leakage.

Wrestling News World will continue to upgrade you with more info as information are found. Stay tuned to WNW for all of your fumbling news updates.

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