Smark to Death– Interview w/ Contributors to the Kenny Omega Documentary

Welcome to another edition of the Smark to Death Podcast. On this episode, Anthony is signed up with by a handful of individuals that had an influence on the documentary made about Kenny Omega called “Omega Man: A Wrestling Love Story.” The documentary has actually been launched in Canada and a screening was revealed at Starrcast II. Visitors consist of:

Dale Burshtein (Executive Producer/Producer), Brian Bell (Wrestling Journalist), Rachel Guliani (Wrestling Fan/Tweet Thread influenced Dale), Andrew Shallcross (Owner of PCW), and Issa Marie (Kenny Omega fan/Followed Kenny around the world)

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Each of them had a crucial part in the making of this documentary. Please enjoy this round table conversation as we talk about Kenny Omega, the Golden Lovers story, the value of the story to the agent of LGBTQ society in fumbling, therefore a lot more.

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