Welcome everybody back to WNW! Simply 2 days gotten rid of from SummerSlam, join us down listed below for results of tonight’s Smackdown Live!

Live From Toronto

The show opened with Kevin Owens making his escape to the ring. Owens stated he has actually signed with WWE with 5 years from the other day. He stated he has actually dealt with excellent individuals and Sunday at SummerSlam and it was among his preferred nights in his life due to the fact that his household existed to see him beat Shane McMahon’s ass. He stated it was good to struck Shane with a Stunner and he will remember it for the rest of his life. KO stated he is moving his attention to the KOTR Tournament and mores than happy to participate in the competition.

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Shane ko and disrupted asked why. Shane stated he was out for a couple factors. He exposed video footage of SummerSlam and KO kicking Shane listed below the belt. The crowd shouted‘You Deserve It’ Shane questioned his man-hood.

KO stated a guy will do whatever it takes to win and defending what he thinks in and shutting his ‘stupid’ face. Shane stated KO will constantly be referred to as a cheater. He stated he needs to be on the joblessness line and seeing his face desires to come to the ring and beat him. Shane stated he didn’t desire to do it however informed KO he remained in competitors tonight. He then revealed video footage of what he did to Elias at SummerSlam. He stated Elias was using a referee t-shirt and they have to secure the authorities, and fined KO $100,000 KO stated it was crap and Shane stated NOPE …

Later in the night it will be The New Day vs The Revival.

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Up next, Ember Moon vs Charlotte Flair. …( c)

Charlotte Flair beat Ember Moon

Up next, Daniel Bryan and Rowan will be live to deal with the allegations of assaulting Roman Reigns …( c)

Video bundle aired of the last couple of weeks of the strange Roman Reign attacks. Daniel Bryan and Rowan made their escape to the phase. Bryan and stated somebody is out to get Roman Reigns, however they didn’t have anything to finish with the mishaps. Due to the fact that they all would lie, he stated Buddy Murphy is a phony however does not blame him. He stated the issue was that he stated the incorrect name. Bryan stated everybody believes that they did it, and that’s what is incorrect with society. Bryan stated tonight that they will show that why they did not it.

Shane McMahon was backstage and was asked who will deal with KO tonight. Samoa Joe appeared and stated that there’s just badass around here and it was him. Shane made it main for later on in the night …( c)

Backstage, Aleister Black was being in the dark and discussed who will knock on his door next …

Roman Reigns beat Buddy Murphy

Backstage, The Revival were talked to and stated that they will beat The New Day tonight.

Up next, Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens (c)

Samoa Joe beat Kevin Owens


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