Coach Claims Diaz Brothers Tried To Jump Anthony Pettis At Nightclub

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Anthony Pettis’ coach made rather the claim on an occurrence including the Diaz brothers and “Showtime.”

This Saturday night (Aug. 17), Pettis will share the Octagon with NateDiaz The welterweight animosity match will work as UFC 241’s co-main occasion. Pettis has actually made it clear in the accumulation to this battle that he has no love for Diaz and intends on “whooping his ass.” Diaz declared that throughout Pettis’ light-weight title run, “Showtime” was “big leaguing”.

Pettis’ Coach Claims Diaz Brothers Tried Jumping ‘Showtime’

Duke Roufus appeared on the current edition of ESPN’s Ariel HelwaniShow Throughout his look, Roufus stated that the Diaz Brothers as soon as tried assaulting Pettis in a nightclub (through

“For years Nate has just attacked him,” Roufus stated. “Not only verbally, but even in a nightclub, they tried to jump him, him and Nick. It gets to a point where stuff just boils over. I get the perspective of where Anthony is coming from. To me, Anthony reminds me a lot of Oscar De La Hoya or “Sugar” Ray Leonard, he’s that star fighter, he’s got that charm.”

Roufus continued, comparing the Diaz brothers to fighters who have actually tried to bully their challengers prior to battle night.

“A lot of guys just – it’s not even professional, it’s more, these guys are jealous, envy of him,” Roufus stated. “It triggers a strange energy. Like Fernando Vargas tried to bully De La Hoya, De La Hoya knocked him out. Like Duran tried to do two times versus ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard, ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard put it on Duran the 2nd time.

“Like Mayorga tried to do to Oscar De La Hoya. So many guys try to bully Anthony, I love it, because it brings out the best in Anthony. Looking forward to it, sometimes fights are personal, and those are the fun ones if you ask me.”


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