Good night girls and gentlemen! Invite to another remarkable Saturday of NXT TakeOver! Tonight, can Adam Cole maintain his NXT title versus Johnny Gargano? Can all of The Undisputed Era go out of Toronto with gold? Who will leave as the NXT Women’s Champion? Get some treats, kick back and unwind since tonight might be one for the books!


The show begins with a sneak peek of the show, and whether UE can catch all of the NXT gold in2019 Tonight is the night to put that theory to the test! The very first match of the night, The Street Profits will put their Tag Team Championships on the line versus Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly of the Undisputed Era!

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The Street Profits (c) vs. The Undisputed Era– NXT Tag Team Championships

O’Reilly and Dawkins begin the match dabbling each other as the NXT crowd comes alive. Dawkins is manhandling O’Reilly with that size benefit. O’Reilly captures Dawkins’ foot and tags Fish in prior to Ford is available in to take control of thematch Ford is showing that athleticism and charm tonight!

Fish captures Ford slipping and tags O’Reilly in. Ford rapidly takes control back and gets Dawkins in. Both groups have actually been revealing large chemistry. UE are beginning to come alive. Of course, the champs are combating back. Fish and O’Reilly are simply utilizing their years of experience together to keep Dawkins down. O’Reilly is directly up battling over Taunts and dawkins Ford!

Fish tags in and addresses Ford, Ford drops to the mat and Dawkins sets out Fish and tags Ford in. Ford with the offense on Fish! He establishes for the notorious People’s Elbow however gets come by O’Reilly.

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Thanks for enjoying! Visit Website

At ringside, UE drops Dawkins and collaborate on Ford. Fish tags back in and satisfies the champ up top. He gets visited Ford! O’Reilly sidetracks Ford and Fish captures him once again. O’Reilly tags himself in. Fish with the manuever off the leading rope and O’Reilly crashes down on the knee of Ford. He secures the leg lock and almost requires the champ to send. Prior to Ford got to the rope, Fish dropped on top of him and O’Reilly pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Dawkins is available in to aid and drops Fish on O’Reilly to separate the count.

Dawkins tags in and is on fire! Both groups are unwinding and have actually traded back in forth. Ford tags back in, O’Reilly tags back in. They trade blows up until UE both wind up at ringside. Ford with the over the leading rope dive! The Profits got UE back in the ring, Ford climbs up the leading rope. Dawkins spears both UE members and Ford strikes O’Reilly with the Frog Splash to maintain!

WINNERS by pinfall and STILL champs: The Street Profits

Wow! What a match! The crowd remained in it the entire time, too! Shocked that the champs maintained however it ought to be intriguing to see what takes place next week.

Coming up next, Io Shirai and Candace LeRae had a relationship. Io Shirai turned her back on LeRae after numerous stopped working efforts at NXT Women’s Champ, Shaina Baszler. Now they have it out for each other! Who will triumph tonight?

Io Shirai vs. Candace LeRae

Candace LeRae came to the ring and right away pursued Io Shirai prior to the bell sounded. Both of them went back and forth up until Io dropped Candace on the reveal table with a suplex. Candace beat the count and Io is showing that mean streak, going to deal with Candace. Candace is attempting to return into the battle however that mean streak of Io is living! Io drops Candace on her neck with some sort of Alabama Slam turned Irish Curse and a nearfall.

She increases leading however Candace vacates the method to restore some control of this one. Candace is revealing that battle however the damage from Io has actually been done. Candace uses a head scissors lock on Io however Io turns it around with the whiplash impact. She opts for the 619 however stops working. Candace almost benefited from the counter however Io stops the momentum. Io strikes the 619! That does not keep Candace down and Io goes to ringside. Candace with the suicide diving DDT!

Neither female can acquire full control as tiredness is embeding in. Both have so much heart, TOO MUCH to remain down. Nobody will remain down! Candace beings in the corner and Io with the double knee strike! Io is actually looking outstanding tonight! Candace counters Io into a reverse hurricanrana pin. And the swinging neckbreaker from the leading rope for the near fall! Io drops Candace difficult to the canvas with another nearfall! Who will remain down?!

Io climbs up back up leading and drops the moonsault on Candace with, yet, ANOTHER near fall! Io remains in shock! She’s turning out and locks in another head scissors lock. Candace is fading and she is gone to sleep!

WINNER by submission: Io Shirai

What a match in between 2 elite ladies! Io Shirai looked incredible tonight!

As the intro to the NXT North American Championship match began, “Bro” Matt Riddle came out to throw away a difficulty to Killian Dain. When Dain cleaned him out on NXT TELEVISION, Riddle desires redemption on Dain from. And now, we have a brawl on our hands! Matt Riddle resisted on Dain and laid him out with some knees. Security came out however Riddle provided those knees too. Dain dropped him and after that the security personnel that attempted to stop them. Riddle got on Dain’s back however Dain is too strong! He runs the phase with Bro on his back and takes a guard with them.

Coming up next, who will leave Canada with the NXT North American Championship? Could it be UE’s Rodrick Strong? Could it be the previous NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne? Or will the Velveteen Dream maintain? Let’s discover!

The Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Rodrick Strong vs. Pete Dunne– NXT North American Championship

Dream and Dunne look each other down however Roddy desires all the attention. Dream shushes Roddy and gets set out with a relentless jab. All 3 guys get to brawling. Then, Roddy ends up being monkey in the middle to the 2 others and is laid out to ringside. Dunne gets invited back to NXT by Dream and the 2 go at it. Roddy comes out of no place and shows that aggressiveness on Dunne and Dream. Dream gets set out at ringside as Roddy goes to deal with Dunne. Naturally, absolutely nothing can keep the Bruiserweight down for long. Dream returns in and beats String down as Dunne recuperates on the exterior.

Dream pays tribute to the Hitman and locks in a sharpshooter on Strong! Dunne with the dropkick to Dream to break the hold. Back at ringside, Dream clubs Dunne. Nobody can acquire a benefit on the within or out! All 3 guys offer a triangle of clubbing blows! The NXT crowd in Toronto are all into it! Dunne and Dream satisfy on the leading turnbuckle, Dunne wishbones Dreams fingers. Strong develops them and provides the background to Dunne, pulling Dream off right with them.

Dunne and Strong go at it. They wind up in the corner with Dunne having Strong in a triangle hold, wishboning the fingers. Dream climbs and drops an elbow to Dunne from throughout the ring! Strong choices up a ton of energy!

Dunne captures the 2 with the wishbone. Dunne drops Strong and opts for the cover. Dream attempts to sidetrack the ref and the ref opts for the count! Dream stops the ref from counting to 3. Dunne shows that mean streak. No guy can remain down! Dream winds up ringside and Strong capitalizes, securing Dunne with a Boston Crab. Dream breaks it up. Strong tosses Dream outside, drops Dunne with the finisher and Dream separate the count! He covers Dunne and keeps!

WINNER by pinfall and STILL champ: The Velveteen Dream

Once once again, The Velveteen Dream shows another remarkable match! Method to maintain!

Up next, Mia Yim has her sights sets on the NXT Women’s Championship. Shaina Baszler is taking exception to the childhood, and imagine the HBIC. Who will triumph? Stay tuned!

Mia Yim vs. Shaina Baszler (c)– NXT Women’s Championship

Already, there is a lot stress in between the 2. When Shaina Baszler is in the ring, there’s constantly stress. Yim begins dabbling the champ. Baszler is attempting to frighten the opposition. She declines to be punked out. Yim is utilizing every resource as she can, moving the champ’s ears, the corner of her mouth, her hair. Baszler really looks quite troubled. Yim had actually begun developing momentum and is capitalizing, addressing the ideal arm of Baszler. Yim smashes the champs arm in the steel actions!

The champ turns the script on Yim and starts using her down. Baszler looks quite harmed! Yet, so aggressive! Baszler stomps on the left arm of Yim and is working. She secures the standing armbar on Yim. Yim pulls away at the hair, as soon as again, to break the hold. Baszler rapidly lays Yim out. The opposition is attempting her hardest to return into the battle, addressing the hurt arm and pulling the hair. Yim even raked the champ’s eyes to turn things around.

Yim ignites and is utilizing the momentum on Baszler. The NXT crowd in Toronto is actually dead at this minute however they’re sure attempting to return to life. Yim and Baszler are simply trading away. They satisfy up leading, the champ attempts to lift Yim with that hurt arm however can’t get her arm. Yim drops the champ and capitalizes off the leading rope, followed by a near fall.

Baszler captures Yim in the Clutch however Yim headbutts her escape. She can’t completely capitalize and Baszler captures her once again with the Clutch. Yim eradicate by addressing that hurt arm once again. Baszler turns it into the head scissors lock to make Yim tap.

WINNER by submission and STILL champ: Shaina Baszler

It was sort of a dullmatch Baszler is a terrific heel champ and all however certainly, a great deal of individuals appear to be tired of her. Yim could not actually get the crowd into the match to the maximum. She absolutely has actually revealed much capacity for a future perform at the title!

Next up, Adam Cole (Bay Bay) and Johnny Wrestling have actually remained in a remarkable fight. They have actually gone back and forth with each other for a long time now, however Gargano desires to end up being a 2 time champ while Cole looks to continue the worldwide Bay Bay Championship trip! Who will come out as champ? Stay tuned, next!

2 Out of 3 Falls: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole (c)– NXT Championship

Adam Cole appears to be the one that’s over with the fans this evening! They booed Johnny Wrestling and all. Both guys look to have a lots of fire in their eyes this evening. When again to begin the primary occasion off, they lock up and get a feel of each other. Their ring chemistry is absolutely coming out, as they have actually been airing out history for about a years.

Gargano lastly obtains the match after he fabricated a dive to Cole. He goes and capitalizes to work. Cole attempts to turn it around however Gargano moves from in front of the steel actions, sending out Cole leg. Gargano goes to operate in the now hurt leg of Cole. On the apron, they go at it. Gargano captures Cole with a vicious kick to the back of the head. Cole drops to the flooring and pulls Gargano outside to drop him back initially onto the apron.

Cole is in control of this one, compromising up the opposition! Cole has the head scissors secured however Gargano breaks the hold, addressing the knee. Cole rapidly gains back control however Gargano lays him out for a fast breather. Gargano on the hot streak, with a series of kicks to the champ! Absolutely nothing is keeping the champ down and out for long as Adam Cole (Bay Bay) continues to return to his feet.

Gargano looks to capitalize, putting the champ in the corner. Cole leaves the rights and attempts to catch Gargano with a kick off the turnbuckle however his leg gets captured on the ropes. Gargano comes crashing on Cole’s hurt leg! He returns to deal with the leg however Cole breaks the Figure-4 leg lock. Cole turns it around to return in the match!

Gargano and Cole exchange a flurry of kicks, ending with the Sunset Drive by Gargano and a nearfall. Up top, Cole stops Gargano and opts for the counter powerbomb. Gargano attempts to capitalize however Cole with a codebreaker in the ari, followed by the Michinoku Driver and a nearfall. The crowd is completely into this one! The 2 go back and forth prior to they clash in the center of the ring.

Gargano sends out Cole to the outdoors and opts for a suicide dive. Cole captures him with the kick. He desires to drop Gargano on the barrier however Gargano counters. Back in the ring, Cole captures Gargano with kicks and they go back and forth! Cole remains in shock of Gargano tossing out prior to he goes to the outdoors and gets a chair. He utilized it as a diversion to kick Gargano in the nuts while the ref tosses the chair out. Followed by a near fall. Gargano strikes and turns the script Cole with the chair, disqualifying himself with the very first fall.


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