Chael Sonnen Feels Matt Hughes May Have Known Of Colby Covington’s Dig Ahead Of Time

Fernando Quiles Jr., MMA News

Chael Sonnen has a theory on Colby Covington’s nasty dig at Matt Hughes.

Covington triggered debate at the conclusion of UFC Newark. “Chaos” kipped down an outstanding efficiency versus Robbie Lawler, however it was maybe eclipsed by his post-fight speech. After beating Lawler by means of consentaneous choice, Covington tossed a spoken jab at the expenditure of Hughes.

“Let’s talk about the lesson we learned tonight. It’s a strong lesson that Robbie should’ve learned from his good buddy Matt Hughes. You stay off the tracks when the train’s coming through, junior. Don’t matter if there’s a Trump train or the Colby train, get out the way!”

Covington referenced Hughes’ 2017 train mishap. The UFC Hall of Famer’s truck hit an approaching train. Hughes had to be airlifted to a health center and suffered head injury.

Sonnen published a clip drawn from his You’re Welcome podcast. In the video, he resolved Covington’s remark and stated he thinks Hughes may have provided his true blessing ahead of time.

“I am inclined to believe, whether I’m right or not, that there is a likelihood that Matt was in on it. A likelihood that Matt was tipped off ahead of time. ‘Hey here’s what I’m thinking about saying. What are you thinking Matt?’ Got a chuckle and gave it support.”

Sonnen went on to describe why he ‘d have such an inkling.

” Now without having any proof of that, and I do not have any proof of that, however Matt Hughes in reality is friends with Dan Lambert. Dan Lambert is not just Colby’s supervisor and coach, Dan Lambert owns the American Top Team. Owns the entire health club. I do not think that Colby would be able to simply go out and insult [Hughes]. It was such a filthy line. It was simply a filthy, mean-spirited line. I do not think he would head out and do that to Matt Hughes unless possibly there was a little conversation ahead of time.”


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