Tyron Woodley discusses possible GSP battle

Tyron Woodley isn’t playing around for his UFC return.

The previous UFC welterweight champ appeared on today’s (Mon., August 5, 2019) episode of ‘Ariel Helwani’ s MMA Show’ to discuss his return to the Octagon. “The Chosen One” suffered a frustrating loss to existing champ Kamaru Usman at March’s UFC235


Since then he’s been on the sidelines recuperating from a thumb injury. His return stays unidentified. Woodley stated he will be physically prepared to battle yet this year. If it makes more sense for him to sit out and possibly combat the winner of the upcoming Usman vs. Colby Covington title battle, he will:


“Physically, I’ll be prepared to fight this year. If it comes down to the point it makes more sense for me to sit back and spectate and pick up the winner of this next fight, obviously that’s going to make the most sense because it’s all about getting to the title, getting back to the title, getting the title, winning the title, keeping the title.”

A Big Reveal

But when he does return, he’s going to train with among the all-time greats. Woodley exposed he has actually been and would be training at Montreal’s TriStar Gym with Firas Zahabi:

” I’m gon na drop some leading things today. I have not even revealed it on social networks. Individuals are gon na hear something for the very first time here today. When you were doing your workout in the cardio space, I wasn’t expected to exist, I was expected to be at a various fitness center.

“That didn’t work out. The person I was training with literally Uber’d to me and then you walk into the room and randomly you see Tyron Woodley training with one of the greatest trainers of all-time, Firas Zahabi. You hear inklings and drippings about me training with Georges St-Pierre.”

The Greatest

Woodley dove into his training session with Zahabi, keeping in mind that the well known fitness instructor dove into the smaller sized things of the battle video game with him:

“I thought we were just shadow boxing, kind of moving around lightly. But he actually, with no ego and no pride, he took his time out of his day, he had fighters fighting that day and he really took the time to work on the minor things. When you at this level, it’s about the millimeters. We just bounced ideas, it was a phenomenal session.”

Woodley was eventually really glad for his chance to train with both Zahabi andSt-Pierre He validated he will undoubtedly be training with “GSP” moving forward, considering it a chance he just can not miss:

“It was a blessing to be able to do this, it was a blessing to be able to train with Georges St-Pierre, yes people, I will be training with Georges St-Pierre, we will not fight, that’s very obvious. There’s no point for me not to training with one of the greatest, arguably the greatest welterweight of all-time and sharpen myself. That’s something that’s motivating me.”

Will training with GSP move Woodley back to champion status in the stacked welterweight department?


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