Lewis Hamilton stated the opportunity to battle Max Verstappen for triumph at the Hungarian Grand Prix was an excitement like no other a racing motorist can have.

The 2 chauffeurs had actually controlled the develop to the 11 th race of 2019, with Red Bull employer Christian Horner playfully recommending Verstappen is the very best motorist in F1 today and Hamilton reacting by stating he would gladly have the Dutchman join him at Mercedes to show himself in equivalent equipment. Fittingly, they fought for triumph on Sunday, going wheel-to- wheel at one point prior to Hamilton and Mercedes won on a tactical masterstroke.

“Honestly, there really is no better feeling from a racing driver’s point of view, when you have a race like this and face a really strong competitor and a great driver like Max at their best,” Hamilton stated after the race.

Vestappen easily protected an attack from Hamilton at one point, with the 2 chauffeurs preventing contact as they went wheel-to- wheel as they jousted for the lead.

“Max is at his best and is continuing to perform great. It’s really comforting and really important to see the respect level between us. It was really respectful driving and I hope to continue that.”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton took pleasure in a tense defend triumph at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Lars Baron/Getty Images

” When I entered 2nd I resembled ‘okay, this entire fight we’ve been speaking about me having with Max, we are going to have that today’, and it was actually remarkable.

” He put the cars and truck in some actually excellent locations. I offered him area and more however that’s actually simply from a state of mind that we are combating a little in a different way. If we were combating on the exact same points, it might have been a lot more aggressive, however there was no requirement for that and it was actually almost making certain that when you do lastly manage a surpassing manoeuvre that it was a tidy, full sweep by.”

Hamilton’s win topped off another amusing race, the 4th in a row because the dull French Grand Prix. That contest led to numerous concerns about the future of F1 however Hamilton is glad that Verstappen and Red Bull has actually assisted alter the narrative entering into the summer season break,.

” I actually enjoy, that, especially after a time period where everybody was so unfavorable speaking about the sport, and after that of an unexpected we get this huge action up from the Red Bulls and now we have a truly excellent fight on our hands and it appears like it will remain.

” I believe Ferrari will return into play at a few of these races like Spa and Monza, they will fast on the straights and there aren’t a great deal of corners, so those locations I believe they will be actually strong. I believe that bodes well for them.

” Red Bull have actually been doing fantastic, it’s remarkable to see and I hope their efficiency continues. And I actually, actually hope we have more fights like that.”

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