BUDAPEST, Hungary– Lewis Hamilton would not have an issue with Max Verstappen becoming his Mercedes colleague next year, stating he would delight in the chance to prove he is the much better motorist.

Verstappen presently drives for Red Bull and, regardless of having a less competitive automobile than Hamilton, has won 2 of the last 3 races. The 21- year-old is seen as a future champ and has actually regularly exceeded his colleague and his equipment in the last 12 months.

Hamilton is a five-time world champ and has won 2 of his titles while racing versus existing colleague Valtteri Bottas. The Finn runs out agreement at the end of the year and Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff has actually not yet decided on whether to extend his offer beyond completion of 2019.

Mercedes has reserve motorist Esteban Ocon and Williams novice George Russell under agreement as prospective replacements for Bottas, however Verstappen is likewise thought to be in the image for2020 The Dutch motorist has actually been contracted to Red Bull throughout his profession, there are ideas that an efficiency stipulation implies he might leave his agreement a year early and end up being a totally free representative for 2020.

Hamilton has actually constantly kept that he would accept any motorist as his colleague and, while he is eager for Bottas to stay, he sees positives in having Verstappen along with him.

“I honestly have no problem with it,” Hamilton stated. “I simulate dealing with Valtteri, so I am not too sure how that dynamic would work for the team, however I am not stating it would or it would not.

” I see positives from that relocation and prospective negatives, however there are constantly positives and negatives with various individuals you wind up dealing with.

” In some methods it works well for me. I see stories stating that we have various vehicles, so that’s the only method [I am beating him], so it provides me a chance to show that’s not the case.”

Hamilton’s remarks come numerous days after his previous Mercedes colleague, Nico Rosberg, recommended Verstappen would be leading the champion in a head-to- head battle in the same automobile.

“I would say Verstappen would be in front of Hamilton in the points in the championship if he was in the Mercedes this year,” Rosberg stated on his YouTube channel. “But just since of Hamilton’s no points in Germany [Hamilton later claimed two points after Sunday’s race when the two Alfa Romeos were disqualified].

” He’s simply had an extraordinary season, so Verstappen, for the minute, is the very best motorist out there. Correct remarkable things, the entire of the Netherlands is going nuts.

“So that’s really fun to watch and we all love watching him because Verstappen is so damn exciting.”

When it was put to Verstappen on Thursday in Budapest that he is a much better motorist than Hamilton, he reacted: “I don’t say any of those things, anyway, and I also don’t care. What is the most important is that I perform on track.”

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