Alex Cora opposed the Boston Red Sox’s loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday due to the positioning of subs into Rays’ lineup after the designated player was eliminated.

The eighth-inning lineup switch appeared to leave the umpires puzzled. They stopped the video game for nearly 15 minutes as they gathered on the mound, gazing at their lineup cards.

“It was a total mess,” Cora stated.

In the top of the 8th inning, Rays reducer Adam Kolarek changed Charlie Morton and retired Sam Travis. When Kevin Cash brought in reducer Chaz Roe, the left-hander then moved to very first base.

” When he generated the lefty and we saw what was going to occur, when he put him in the beginning I asked [crew chief] Angel [Hernandez] about it and he offered me a response,” Cora stated. When they made the replacement, “I’m like, ‘OK, this is about to get interesting.’ And it did.”

Cora stated the Rays kept the DH.

“They had a pitcher at first base. They had a pitcher on the mound. And they still had the DH,” he stated. “Hard to explain. … There’s a lot. Illegal substitutions. But we’ll see what happens.”

After the protest was made and the video game resumed, Kolarek got a first-pitch grounder from Rafael Devers. When moved to very first base,

Hernandez stated in the swimming pool report that Cash never ever defined where Kolarek would strike.

“In case the manager fails or refuses to make the decision, the plate umpire is authorized to decide the necessary batting order,” Hernandez stated. “The umpire’s decision is final.”

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