After weeks of develop, Juan Adams is simply days far from getting the possibility to action within the Octagon to battle Greg Hardy.

The UFC heavyweight star has actually made it popular that he does not like Hardy and voiced his viewpoint a number of times prior to and even after this battle was made authorities. Now, that it’s battle week, that hasn’t altered.

A bout in between the 2 heavyweight fighters has actually been set to occur at the upcoming UFC San Antonio occasion this Saturday night on ESPN.

While doing a current interview, Adams offered his take about how individuals believe his issues with Hardy is due to his past with declared domestic violence occurrence. Adams made it understood that it comes down to the push that Hardy has actually gotten from the UFC and his opponents that he’s selected.

Juan Adams on Greg Hardy

Adams thinks that Hardy has actually handled lower competitors in order to shine brighter.

“A lot of people think it’s his past and me not being able to get over his (alleged) domestic violence,” Adams informed MMA Junkie. “While that does play a part in it, it’s more so that this guy was catapulted into the UFC. He was provided a fast lane regardless of disappointing any real capabilities.

“That’s where a lot of this comes from. Greg Hardy has fought cans. Even in the UFC, they’re going as far as to sign guys they’ve previously cut to give him an opportunity to look good, whereas my second fight in the promotion was Arjan Bhullar, who was 8-1. He was another top guy. I’ve challenged myself throughout my career, whoever they could find for me, whereas I feel like he’s cherry-picked his opponents. They’re trying to market him as this superstar athlete or crazy MMA talent, and he hasn’t displayed any of the skills.”


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