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Chi Lewis-Parry has actually not been one to mince words concerning his bitterness with JonJones In a current interview, Lewis-Parry explained the previous backstage encounters that generated this beef to discuss his choice to challenge Jon Jones at the Body Power Expo UK2019 In an interview with Submission Radio, Lewis-Parry as soon as again described the conflict, which he confesses was not a possibility encounter (Transcript through MMA Junkie):

” One thing I desire to explain: I
didn’t have a confrontation with him at the BodyPower Expo; I went to try to find him,”
Lewis-Parry stated. “So, it wasn’t like we simply occurred to cross courses. I was
there doing something for among my sponsors, and somebody stated, ‘Oh, did you
understand Jon’s here?’ And I resembled, ‘You understand what, the last time I saw you, you
attempted to add on me, so now I’m going to return the favor.’ That’s what that
was. It wasn’t that I was searching for influence, or I was attempting to obstacle him
or get my name out there. It was none of that.”

Chi Lewis-Parry has an MMA record of 8-0-2, so it is not outside the world of possibility that we might see a battle in between Parry and Jones one day in the Octagon. Parry yields that Jones is the much better MMA fighter today, however if it were strictly a kickboxing match, he actually does not see Jon Jones making it through:

“I’m not delusional and saying that I’m a better MMA fighter, ’cause I’m not,” Lewis-Parry included. “Definitely not. He can battle; he’s an excellent grappler. He ‘d most likely have to battle there if the battle went to the ground. That’s simply me being sincere. It’s not delusional. He ‘d pass away if he boxed with me. He ‘d pass away if he kickboxed with me.

” I might beat him striking 10
times out of 10 all day. And there’s a great deal of individuals that could. You’ve
simply got ta pull him into that video game. I believe that’s the truth.”

How do you think a kickboxing
match in between Chi Lewis-Parry and Jon Jones would play out?


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