Large Backstage News Updates, Injury Updates From This Week, News on Heyman and Bischoff’s Current Plans; Why We Haven’t Seen Much Change

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Thomas Fenton Reports:

1. Kofi is handling some back problems, absolutely nothing that is stated to be too major, nevertheless, he was stayed out of the ring today, however the expectation from everybody I’ve consulted with is that he will still be working this Sunday’s show.

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2. Alexa Bliss is presently handling a strong sinus infection, WWE expects her to be prepared to go on Sunday. Even if she’s not able to go, the method the match is scheduled they have methods around it.

3. WWE quite desired to survive the Extreme Rules show prior to making significant modifications to Raw and Smackdown, or any of the current tricks, now that Heyman and Bischoff supervise. As we have actually seen the last couple of weeks they are attempting to make more of an effort to include some layers to a few of the characters. This is likewise not something that can take place over night.

4. The concept behind not having the Firefly Fun House recently and today was to put in Easter eggs like the puppets in the background on sectors and leaving the fans desiring to see Bray return. When he is going to launching I would state it is much faster than later on, for those asking.

5. LAX since Wednesday had interest from both WWE in addition to AEW. Economically I’m sure the offers for these 2 would comparable in both business. What continues to draw in some to AEW is the work. Even down the line if AEW ran a home show type when a week their employees would still be working far less dates.

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Thomas’s Take: I believe in the end the ideal house for LAX is not WWE. From a size and skill point of view LAX would be excellent for AEW. There is another business thinking about LAX also however they have actually not made a main deal.

6. AEW has actually been moving far from some dialog modifications since late to move far from all the “competition” or “war” to that“We are an alternative” The mindset now is, “Let’s run our company. The jokes are over. Let’s draw in new fans or fans that have left.”

Thomas’s Take: I personally feel the very best method is for AEW to continue to have excellent shows and not stress over anybody else. Invest that favorable energy running your business and event fans. The in-ring fumbling week in and week out in the fall will be a lot more lively than any shots taken or jokes made. I have little to no doubt AEW will do great come the fall on live TELEVISION, as anybody in this organisation can inform you it’s not the preliminary 6 months for a business that you require to stress over, its months 6-12 that will make or break you. It’s in the 2nd half of the very first year that the shine subsides and you have to have actually hooked an audience already. There is a long list of skill that will be offered ideal around the exact same time AEW introduces TELEVISION which works greatly in their favor.

7. WWE continues to try to find brand-new fumbling material to include to the network. WWE’s relationship with Evolve has actually gone on for a long period of time and this weekend Evolve gets the shot to go live on the WWE network. Spoiler: this will not be the last time we see Evolve on the network. Moving much deeper into WWE programs I would anticipate a statement likely around Summerslam weekend that NXT will be moving to USA or FSN. While lots of feel it will be the other material for FOX, WWE will still prepare the hour buzz show (Sports Center for WWE) weekly on FS1. With that specified, it must be kept in mind that NBC Universal would like to have another 2 hour WWE show on their network as they lost on the rights to Smackdown. This story will continue to establish over the next couple of months, and while not composed in stone, this most likely will not be altering.

Thomas’s Take: I have little to no doubt understanding WWE that they would like to have a live show weekly versus AEW. While some once again feel this is going to FS1, I believe we need to take they wait and see method as far as the network offers. I have actually connected for remark from both business and did not get a remark.


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