SILVERSTONE, U.K.– Charles Leclerc mores than happy to accept the stewards’ decision in Austria that denied him of his very first Formula One triumph 2 weeks earlier as long as the FIA stay constant in the method they use the guidelines at future races.

Leclerc was leading the race with 2 laps to go when Max Verstappen passed him for the lead at Turn 3 and squeezed him broad on the exit of the corner. The set touched wheels and Leclerc was required off the track, with the Ferrari chauffeur asking “What the hell was that?” over group radio, but after a three-hour evaluation of the event the stewards chose to take no additional action versus Verstappen.

“I think with the incident, I don’t have any problems and it was very easy for me to move on,” Leclerc stated. “The only thing is that I would like possibly a bit more consistency. I seem like there have actually been some other events in the past which have actually been less huge, in a manner, which have actually been punished.

” If we can race that method, I’m more than pleased to race that method. I believe it’s excellent for Formula One. I believe it’s what us motorists desire. We simply require to understand what we can get out of the others, and on that, I believe that’s why I would like most likely more consistency on the charges.

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“I think to be completely honest, he had such a pace advantage with the tyres he was on that it was very difficult to keep him behind. But just the way the overtake has been done, I felt that looking at the past, at other penalties, afterwards, getting out of the car, I felt that maybe he should have been penalised. But at the end I’m very happy with this decision if they are consistent like this, I’m very happy to race like this too.”

Leclerc stated the result of the decision would make him alter the method he acts in wheel-to- wheel racing.

“As drivers, we always try to be as close as the rules limit us to be. So I will definitely change a little bit and adjust a little bit my aggressivity.”

After the Austrian Grand Prix a video emerged on social networks of the consequences of a karting crash in between Leclerc and Verstappen in 2012 in which Leclerc was the chauffeur who triumphed. The Ferrari chauffeur stated his relationship with Verstappen had actually advanced a lot considering that their karting days.

“Yeah, it is quite funny,” he stated. “I have actually seen it all over on social networks. I believe it was entirely the other method around where I was stating it was an occurrence and he was stating that I pressed him off track. Now 8 or 7 years later on, it is the very same in Formula One and both people driving for 2 leading groups, so it is terrific to see that. It advises me the roadway we have actually done together in this time and dreaming one day of being in Formula One and now we are battling each other in Formula One.

” Back in karting we were not the very best buddies, but it is regular whenever something occurred that straightaway he would become my opponent and the very same for him. We were rather young, it was back in 2012 or 2013.

“We are still pretty young now but we have matured quite a lot and now things have changed and we have managed to understand more the difference between us as people and us as drivers. It’s better.”

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