LE CASTELLET, France– Daniel Ricciardo has actually been benched to 11 th in the last category at the French Grand Prix after being punished for abusing track limitations in two last lap surpasses.

Ricciardo ended up seventh on the roadway, however just after a late lunge on Lando Norris approaching the Mistral chicane on the last lap and a follow up carry on Kimi Raikkonen.

He walked around the outdoors of the McLaren at Turn 8, running large and off the track, prior to returning prior to the pinnacle and pressing Norris large in Turn 9. Raikkonen, who was simply behind, capitalized and emerged ahead of both Ricciardo and Norris, however on the following directly, Ricciardo went off the track to get the within line for Signes and retook seventh location from the Alfa Romeo chauffeur.

The stewards took a dim view of both occurrences and offered him two five-second penalties, dropping him to 11 th in the last race standings.

In a tweet that was rapidly erased, Ricciardo stated: “No regrets. I tried. Would rather that than sit back without a heart.”

He then followed up with this message.

I am a hazard of a twitter tirade. I’ll conserve it. Hope everybody was amused. https://t.co/ENMyBr3HdH

— Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) June 23,2019

He later on published to Instagram: “We should’ve had another doublt points finish today. S— happens. The team did great. Sorry for them they deserved better. I like to race. Racing is fun. No regrets. Bring on Austria. Schnitzels and all. I want it.”

Daniel Ricciardo was relegated out of the points at the French Grand Prix. Dan Istitene/Getty Images

The decision of the Norris event checked out: “The Stewards examined video proof and on-board video from several cars and trucks, spoken with the chauffeur of vehicle 3 (Daniel Ricciardo), the chauffeur of vehicle 4 (Lando Norris), the chauffeur of vehicle 7 (Kimi Raikkonen) and group agents.

“Ricciardo began to pass Norris on the outdoors at turn 8. At the exit of the corner he noticeably left the track and the Stewards figured out that he rejoined at an angle that required Norris off the track to prevent the crash.

“The Stewards accepted Ricciardo’s explanation that when he was rejoining the track, he had slowed considerably, going down extra gears and locking up the front left tyre. He also stated that the rumble strips in the turn made the car more difficult to control. However, the Stewards considered that the sequence of events constituted rejoining the track unsafely, and he subsequently took the position from Norris.”

In referral to the Raikkonen event, the stewards included: “Following the event at turn 8 with Norris, Raikkonen handled to pass both Norris andRicciardo Ricciardo, who already had actually gained back control of his vehicle then chased after Raikkonen from turn 9 and consequently passed Raikkonen. Raikkonen protected his position on the straight moving a little to the.

” However, Raikkonen never ever put any part of his vehicle off the track and he did not make any relocation to the right while any part of Ricciardo’s vehicle was along with, and did not crowd Ricciardo off the track. To make the pass Ricciardo repelled track and after that consequently finished the pass, getting an enduring benefit.

“The Stewards reviewed the case to see if it was a continuation of the previous incident. However, Ricciardo clearly had regained control of the car following his incident with Norris and the pass off track was a separate incident.”

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