Haas manager Guenther Steiner has no response for why his group was so off the rate at the French Grand Prix, which he identified its worst weekend because signing up with the F1 grid 4 years back.

Haas was sluggish from the beginning at Paul Ricard, with Kevin Magnussen only simply scraping out of Q1. While Romain Grosjean retired prior to completion of the race Magnussen ended up 17 th, with just the 2 Williams cars and trucks– which have actually been a remote last all year– behind him.

The American group entered the season appearing like the greatest group in the midfield however has actually now suffered 2 hard races– at the previous race, Magnussen stated it was the worst he had actually ever felt in a race automobile. Steiner believes things were even worse in France.

“In the four-year history, I think this was our worst weekend,” Steiner stated. “In the race we still had a hard time.

” I do not understand … what is strange to me, a vehicle that sufficed to certify 8th and seventh in the very first race and after that suddenly be second-last. Do not ask me what it is, I do not understand. Since I would not understand, do not ask me please.

“We need to find out, it’s very disappointing, ending up in this situation but also not having an understanding of it, that’s the worst of it all.”

Haas had a hard time for rate throughout the French Grand Prix weekend. Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Steiner stated France was even worse than Canadian Grand Prix 2 weeks previously since at the latter it had the rate on Friday and would likely had a much better race had Magnussen not crashed at the end of Q2– not just did it require the Dane to begin the race from the pit-lane in a rebuilt automobile, it likewise avoided Grosjean from advancing to the top-10 shootout in certifying. In France the rate was never ever there– after certifying, Grosjean informed the media it was time the group stopped focusing just on its issues with tires and began accepting a few of the blame for the absence of rate.

“It’s a lot worse, this one,” Steiner included. “Then if you think in Monte Carlo we qualified sixth and the race pace was… it’s difficult to say in Monte Carlo because everyone was going slow for obvious reasons, but the race pace was there as well. So it’s very bizarre, the whole thing.”

When asked if there had actually been a depressed state of mind after the race, he stated: “It’s not dismal, I’m reasonable. I’m not getting depressed.

” I’m getting … mad is the incorrect word. For me it’s a difficulty however it’s not a favorable difficulty– however we require to leave this, if you get depressed you quit. We never ever quit, you never ever quit, in racing the day you quit is the day you are no place. You require to get the anger out, and simply keep working. That is what I informed the men, ‘You require to work a lot more now than you did in the past because now we are in the shit.’

“There’s no point waiting for something coming up, you need to go back now and understand why we are where we are. That’s the only thing you can do. And then, once you know why you are where you are, then you can find solutions.”

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