Bellator 222’s Heather Hardy Deliberates Entering MMA Full Time

Fernando Quiles Jr., MMA News

Heather Hardy will compete in her fourth mixed martial arts contest tonight when she takes on Taylor Turner at Bellator 222. And from the sounds of it, the bout may be the fourth of many MMA fights to come, as juggling both boxing and MMA is proving to be too much for Hardy to handle:

“The biggest challenge is bouncing back-and-forth,” Hardy told Bloody Elbow. “To have to readjust to boxing and readjust back to MMA,” she confessed. “I can’t expect to go very far with either sport bouncing back-and-forth.”

Heather Hardy is still getting familiarized with life as a mixed martial artist, but she observed enough about MMA from the outside as well as her brief time on the inside to feel comfortable enough to compare this sport to the boxing world whence she came:

“The truth of the matter is if Ruiz didn’t knock out Joshua, he wasn’t winning the fight,” Hardy said. “I think everyone knows that. He could’ve knocked him down eight times, but if that fight went to a decision, Joshua was leaving with those belts. Boxing is a business before it’s a sport. No business is run as dirty as boxing.

MMA, it doesn’t matter how much bulls—t goes on behind closed doors,” she
argued. “They make good fights. You watch a fight and you’re left wondering who
might pull it off.”

on a personal note, Heather Hardy is left to weigh the pros and cons before
making a decision on which sport to devote the bulk of her time to, but from
the sounds of it, MMA is beginning to get strides ahead:

not really promoted in boxing right now, and it’s a dangerous sport to be in
when you’re not protected,” Hardy said. “It’s been on my mind heavy. Do I just
want to sink in. If Bellator is going to invest in me, do I want to sink in the
last year-and-a-half or so seeing how far I can get. Not just doing one fight
here and there, but actually moving up the ranks,” she continued. “It’s a
decision I’ll have to sit down with my team and think about after this fight.”

you expect Heather Hardy to make a full-time leap to MMA?


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