Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that Manchester City players don’t get yellow cards because they foul opponents high up the pitch.

“You don’t get the yellow cards [there], do you? But that’s just because they commit so many players forward and you can clearly see that they’ve got them in that mould of trying to win the ball back, and they do make fouls,” said Solskjaer.

Pep Guardiola disagreed with Solskjaer, saying he’s never told his players to foul. 

“I know exactly what I said to my players from day one to the last day, so when a player wants to attack, we have to be honest and of course there is contact, there are fouls. But when it happens and you arrive late – that is why there are referees, to make yellow cards or red cards or whatever they decide. But never have I prepared a game to do this. We want to do our game – sometimes it’s not possible. With an average of 65% or 70% with the ball, how do you do that [make many fouls]? I’m concerned about many other things about the game – about how to beat them more than this. Maybe in the press conference after the game you can ask him again about that.”

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