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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan is curious to know how much Ronda Rousey loves her role in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

For a time, Rousey was the face of women’s mixed martial arts. Her signature armbar got the job done regardless of her opposition. It wasn’t until she ran into Holly Holm where “Rowdy’s” momentum as the female face of MMA came crashing down. She was knocked out cold by a head kick and then suffered a TKO loss to Amanda Nunes in under one minute. Rousey would end up making her exit from the UFC and became the WWE Raw Women’s champion.

Joe Rogan Talks Ronda Rousey’s WWE Transition

Rogan touched on Rousey’s WWE role during “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. He admitted that he’d like to know just how much “Rowdy” enjoys what she’s doing:

“I’m wondering how much she loves the WWE. I always wonder when a person is like an elite athlete at the highest level, a real one, if they still enjoy doing that. I think she enjoyed doing that though. I think she was a fan of it before she ever got involved. I think she actually enjoyed pro wrestling. It’s not competition, but then again you can only get knocked unconscious so many times. You can only get f*cked up so many times and she got f*cked up two fights in a row really bad. The Holly Holm KO, which was ruthless and then Amanda Nunes just punched her face in for 48 seconds. It was horrific, that was hard to watch.”

Rousey is set to headline WrestleMania on April 7. She will be in a triple threat match with Becky Lynch and SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte. The winner will maintain a hold on both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles.


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