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Alex Volkanovski is ready for the fight of his life and is planning to usher in a new era for the UFC’s featherweight division when he takes on José Aldo at UFC 237:

“Jose is a legend of our sport and a future UFC Hall of Famer,” Volkanovski penned in a piece on “I’ll probably still be a fanboy if I bump into him walking down the street in Brazil before our fight. That’s just how I am. I love this sport and I have the utmost respect for the guys who have come before me.

“But this is my time. Jose has said that this year could be the last of his MMA career. My best years are still to come”

The biggest difference between Aldo’s time and the one Alex Volkanovski claims to commandeer is the holistic approach to fighting the Australian brings to the cage. Additionally, Volkanovski believes that when he battles Aldo next in May, the biggest difference-maker in the bout will be Volkanovski’s gas tank:

“This game is evolving and I’m bringing a whole new level to the UFC,” Volkanovski continued. I’m at the top of every discipline. Grappling. Striking. Wrestling. Submissions. You name it. I’ve mixed it all together better than anybody.

“I’ve got the best cardio out there. When I set that suffocating tempo of mine, Jose will drown in the octagon. If he’s thinking about retirement, he won’t have the desire to deal with what I’m going to bring. I don’t mean that disrespectfully. I just don’t believe his head is in the right place.”

Do you agree with Alex Volkanovski? Will he take José Aldo’s place in the featherweight pecking order beginning at UFC 237?


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