The Cleveland Browns claim they did extensive research prior to signing Kareem Hunt.

Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs late last year after video surfaced of him shoving and kicking a woman.

“We’ve done our extensive research, and at the end of the day, in terms of doing our research, we came away that the act was egregious,” John Dorsey said. “He is extremely remorseful for that. Moving forward, I’ve always believed that it is important … if a person wants to better themselves moving forward and be a better person, I’m willing to give them a chance in terms of doing that. All the deep research I’ve done, I truly believe he will be a better man today than he was yesterday.”

That research didn’t include talking to the woman in the video whom Hunt shoved and kicked.

Dorsey said Hunt understands the Browns have a “zero tolerance” policy moving forward.

NFL News

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