Tonight’s Monday Night Raw comes reside from Oklahoma Metropolis, Oklahoma. Tonight’s episode choices a couple of of Raw’s prime experience, as we finish the path to the Royal Rumble. Will we see anymore superstars declare for the Rumble? What is going to most likely be subsequent for Braun Strowman after being modified throughout the Widespread Championship match? We’ll uncover out throughout the coming moments!

We kick of the current with Brock Lesnar making his strategy out to the ring collectively together with his advocate Paul Heyman. He’s met with a mixed response from the Oklahoma crowd. As soon as throughout the ring, Heyman recaps how Finn Balor managed to become the model new challenger for the championship. He says Balor stepped up and seized the second, pinning John Cena with none type of controversy. He says the the WWE Universe believes in Finn Balor, as does he. However, this Sunday, Balor has no chance in opposition to his shopper.

As Heyman finishes his soliloquy, Vince McMahon makes his strategy to the ring. He says that no one ought to have the flexibility to think about that Finn Balor could have the flexibility to beat Brock Lesnar. He compares it to the story of David vs. Goliath, with David dropping in the end. Mr. McMahon is interrupted by the one who was imagined to face Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman.

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Braun steps into the ring and says ultimate Monday was the worst night of his life. He says if Brock manages to win this Sunday, he’ll most likely be coming for Brock Lesnar. Finn Balor then makes his strategy to the ring.

When he enters the ring, he reiterated the reality that earned his different for the title. He acknowledges that Vince doesn’t think about he an beat Brock, nevertheless he does. He says that he’ll reclaim the title that he under no circumstances misplaced. Braun interrupts, saying that he doesn’t suppose that Balor could have the flexibility to beat Lesnar. Balor says he’ll have the flexibility to do one factor Braun has under no circumstances accomplished, and that’s beat Brock Lesnar. McMahon makes a match between Braun Strowman and Finn Balor. (Industrial)

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Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman

We come once more from the break and the match has been fairly even, although Balor struggles to get the monster all the way in which down to the mat. Strowman is effectively ready to counter Balor’s quickness collectively together with his energy. The movement spills outside of the ring, as Balor is met with an unlimited working shoulder. As soon as once more throughout the ring, Strowman begins to take administration. Balor tries to fight once more to notice momentum, nevertheless his makes an try are thwarted until he’s prepared to land a sling blade onto Braun. As soon as they stand, Balor delivers only a few quick forearms and locks in a sleeperhold within the midst of the ring. Strowman begins to fade, nevertheless he’s prepared to fight out of it. Balor goes as a lot as the best rope, nevertheless is caught by Strowman. He throws Balor to the floor of the ring, and he’s caught by Brock Lesnar, who delivers an unlimited abdomen to abdomen suplex. Lesnar turns his consideration to Strowman, nevertheless it’s interrupted when Balor sends him into the ring submit. Balor continues this momentum surge as he brings the assault to every Brock Lesnar on the floor and Braun Strowman on the inside of the ring. Balor is prepared to down Strowman after a dropkick to the nook. He hits the Coup de Grace, nevertheless sooner than he’s prepared to go for the pin, Brock Lesnar delivers an unlimited F5. Finn Balor wins by DQ (Industrial)

We come once more and the model new Intercontinental champion, Bobby Lashley, makes his strategy to the ring with Lio Rush. As soon as throughout the ring, Lio Rush claims that Lashley is more healthy than everyone throughout the locker room. He says Lashley is an professional fighter, and he won’t be issuing any open challenges. As Lashley poses collectively together with his new championship, he’s interrupted by the first contender for the title, Apollo.

He congratulates Lashley for profitable the title. He moreover says the gang wishes to see him compete. He challenges Lashley to a match. Rush interjects and says that Apollo is nowhere shut to championship supplies. He says if Apollo can beat Lashley in a “pose off”, he can face Lashley. Within the midst of Apollo posing, he’s attacked by Lashley. Apollo is lastly ready to get the upper hand, sending Lashley and Rush outside of the ring. (Industrial)

Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews

We come once more advert tha match has begun, with Lashley answerable for the match. However, the boys come to a standstill when Crews delivers a missile dropkick from the best rope. Crews is prepared to current his athleticism collectively together with his extreme flying offense. However, a distraction from Lio Rush permits Bobby Lashley to notice a pinfall victory after landing an unlimited spear on Apollo Crews. Bobby Lashley wins.

After the match, Seth Rollins makes his strategy within the path of the ring for his match in opposition to Drew McIntyre. Rollins and Lashley cross paths on the doorway ramp, nevertheless nothing comes of it. (Industrial)

Inside the ring, Rollins acknowledges the Martin Luther King trip, celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King. He recaps how he’s wanted to overcome adversity the ultimate couple of months. He says that this Sunday, he’s going to Chase Topic and he’s going to win the Royal Rumble. McIntyre makes his strategy to the ring and says that there is no such thing as a such factor as a chance the Rollins goes to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday. He says that he hopes that they’re the two closing males standing throughout the ring so that he can look him throughout the eyes and eradicate him from the match. (Industrial)

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

We come once more and Rollins is bringing the movement to McIntyre. After delivering a suicide dive on the floor of the ring, he lands a flying forearm on the inside. As soon as as soon as extra the movement spills outside. Rollins makes an try to dive on Drew from the best rope, nevertheless McIntyre avoids it, sending Rollins into the barricade. McIntyre sends Rollins once more to the inside of the ring. He locks in a sleeperhold, nevertheless Rollins is prepared to fight out. That second is stopped with an unlimited clothesline from McIntyre. McIntyre retains the stress on Rollins with a couple of chops to the chest adopted by an overhead abdomen to abdomen suplex. The movement spills outside as soon as as soon as extra, the place McIntyre delivers an alabama slam. (Industrial)

We come once more as the two males commerce chops within the midst of the ring. Rollins is prepared to win the commerce as he delivers blockbuster from the best rope. Rollins gos for the buckle bomb, nevertheless settles for a quick pin strive after an unsuccessful buckle bomb. After a kikcoit, he’s ready to ship a quick falcon arrow. He goes for the stomp nevertheless McIntyre strikes out of the way in which wherein. Rollins is prepared to get McIntyre into the nook and put him throughout the tree of woe. With Rollins on the best rope, McIntyre is prepared to ship an overhead suplex, nevertheless Rollins lands on his ft. With every males up, Rollins delivers a superkick. He makes an try a pin, nevertheless McIntyre kicks out. When the two males stand, they commerce blows as soon as as soon as extra, nevertheless McIntyre wins the commerce with an unlimited headbutt. McIntyre is prepared to land an unlimited sidewalk slam from the second turnbuckle, adopted by an unlimited powerbomb and makes an try a pin, nevertheless Rollins kicks out. McIntyre picks Rollins up,nevertheless Rollins is prepared to execute a quick pin, gaining the pinfall. Seth Rollins wins

Backstage, The Revival talk about to Vince McMahon about how they’ve been wronged the ultimate two weeks. They ask him for but another chance on the title. They’re granted their different. However, there’ll most likely be a selected customer referee, and that’s Curt Hawkins. (Industrial)

Backstage, Dean Ambrose says that the reality that he isn’t Intercontinental Champion is an injustice. He says that he hopes that he sees Lashley and Rollins throughout the Rumble match so that he can personally eradicate them. He says he owns the road to WrestleMania and he’ll win the Rumble match.

Lucha House Social gathering vs. Jinder Mahal & the Singh Brothers

Mahal begins the match with Lince Dorado. He takes the upper hand and makes the tag. Dorado is prepared to take the upper hand in opposition to Sunil and tag in Kalisto. Sunil constructive components the profit and tags in Sanir. After a quick commerce, Gran Metalik tags in and constructive components the quick pinfall victory after a moonsault. Lucha House Social gathering wins. (Industrial)

Elias has made his strategy into the ring. He says that 2019 goes to be an unbelievable yr. He says that after he wins the Royal Rumble, he’ll nonetheless be met with many challenges. He’s interrupted by Baron Corbin. Corbin says Elias almost obtained him killed when he ratted him out to Braun Strowman. He says that he’s going to place Elias in his place. Elias sings a quick monitor about Corbin getting fired. (Industrial)

Elias vs. Baron Corbin

Elias delivers an old school form maneuver to Corbin, sending him to the floor of the ring. The two most vital battle on the ring apron, which ends with Corbin sending Elias into the ring submit. Contained within the ring, Corbin takes administration of the match, sending Elias headfirst into the mat. Elias makes an try to notice administration by sending Corbin to the floor of the ring, nevertheless Corbin is prepared to go throughout the ring submit, and ship a garments on he contained in the ring. After, the two males commerce blows, the place Elias is prepared to land an unlimited knee to the highest of Corbin. After a failed pin strive, the two males commerce blows as soon as as soon as extra. After a shot to the throat of Elias, Corbin is prepared to ship an End off Days and pin Elias for the pinfall victory. Baron Corbin wins (Industrial


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