Good night time wrestling world! Tonight’s Monday Night Raw comes dwell from Orlando, Florida. On tonight’s episode, Hulk Hogan returns to honor and rejoice the lifetime of the late “Imply” Gene Okerlund. We moreover will see the return of the 16 time world champion, John Cena, and the Frequent Champion will face off with a returning Braun Strowman. All of this, plus much more throughout the moments to come again!

The current kicks off and Lashley and Seth Rollins are brawling throughout the once more. Half of the boys’s locker room are attempting to separate the two males, nonetheless the movement spills out into the sector. The two males are on the excessive of the ramp and rollins delivers a forearm that sens Lashley onto the lower half. Rollins is prepared to ship a flying crossbody. The boys are shortly separated.

John Cena makes his entrance and is met collectively together with his conventional blended reactions from the group. Cena welcomes the group to Monday night Raw and says we’re formally on the freeway to Wrestlemania. Cena says the he gained’t miss his spot on this 12 months’s event, and he’s going to earn it tonight by coming into himself into the Royal Rumble. Cena is interrupted by Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says he agrees with the assertion that Cena is the very best of all time. McIntyre says he has a recognition for taking out the greats of the company and says that he’s coming for Cena. Cena says he’s heard the an identical issue over the previous couple of years and asks what makes McIntyre fully totally different from individuals who have talked about the an identical issue. McIntyre says he’ll current him. They’re interrupted by Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley, who says that one factor have to be accomplished about Seth Rollins. Rollins runs from the once more and blindsides Lashley. He delivers blows to Lashley, nonetheless Dean Ambrose emerges and helps Lashley obtain the upper hand. All 5 males begin to brawl and when it appears to be like McIntyre, Ambrose, and Lashley have the upper hand, Finn Balor runs to the ring to even the score. With the other 5 males on the floor of the ring, Balor is prepared to hit the group with a senton to the floor of the ring. (Industrial)

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Six Man Tag Match: John Cena, Seth Rollins, & Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley, Dean Ambrose, & Drew McIntyre

We come once more from the enterprise, and a six man tag match is on the way in which by which. Cena and Lashley are throughout the ring, nonetheless Cena iss shortly able to make a tag to Balor. Lashley is prepared to get the upper of Balor and is prepared to get him to his private nook, the place he’s prepared to tag Ambrose. After a backwards and forwards commerce, Ambrose is prepared to get Finn into the nook as soon as as soon as extra, and he tags in McIntyre. After some blows, McIntyre is prepared to land an infinite suplex on Balor, Balor is prepared to get out of a pinfall attempt on the 2 rely. McIntyre is prepared to make the tag to Lashley, who begins to placed on down Balor. Balor tries to understand momentum and make a tag to his nook, nonetheless that momentum is halted by Lashley, who sends Balor into the nook. Lashley makes a ta to Ambrose. After a backwards and forwards leaves every males down, Baor is prepared to make the brand new tag to Cena. Cena delivers his conventional moveset and can get Ambrose down, landing a 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena vegetation Ambrose with an Perspective Adjustment, nonetheless Ambrose is prepared to make the tag to McIntyre with out Cena understanding. As Cena will rise up from from the AA, he’s met with an infinite headbutt from McIntyre. (Industrial)

Ambrose and Cena are throughout the ring and Cena is stopping off an onslaught from Ambrose. Every males are down, and Ambrose is prepared to make a tag to McIntyre who begins to punish Cena. A quick tag to Lashley permits Lashley to placed on Cena down. He delivers an infinite powerslam and goes for the pin, Cena kicks out at two. Lashley begins to pose throughout the ring, and this permits Cena to ship one different AA that leaves every males down. Lashley is prepared to tag Ambrose, who then locks in a sleeper preserve to a downed John Cena. Cena is prepared to battle out the preserve, nonetheless not able to do loads as Ambrose delivers a knee to the ribs that sends Cena to the floor of the ring. On the floor, Ambrose is prepared to ship Cena into the steel steps. (Industrial)

Cena has been getting brutalized al all by the enterprise break. He begins to present the tide, as he makes an try to battle out of a standing sleeper preserve from Ambrose. A double clothesline leaves every males down, allowing Cena to tag Balor in. Balor delivers a variety of sling blades to his opponents, which allows him to set Ambrose up for the Coup de Grace onto Ambrose. When he’ll rise up, he’s met with a Claymore Kick by Mcintyre. Every males are able to make a tag, tagging in Rollins and McIntyre. Rollin is prepared to obtain a complete lot of momentum delivering a falcon arrow to McIntyre. He goes for a curb stomp, nonetheless McIntyre meets him on the ropes with a knee. Cena is prepared to help Rollins from an Alabama slam from Mcintyre and ship one different AA. Cena is met with a spear from Lashley, and Rollins sends Lashley out the ring. Rollins then makes an try a frog splash onto McIntyre, nonetheless misses. Ambrose makes an try to take profit and ship a Dirty Deeds, nonetheless Rollins is prepared to reverse and ship a curb stomp. Rollins, Balor, Cena win

Rollins is angered by HHH as a digital digicam cuts to him throughout the once more and he was not being attentive to the match. Rollins says he wants Ambrose and the Intercontinental title. Triple H grants his need and says will most likely be a falls rely wherever match. (Industrial)


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