Football transfer rumours: Everton overlook Sam Allardyce for Sean Dyche?

Today’s fluff is fragileTowards the end of Tottenham’s victory over Real Madrid on Wednesday night, the camera picked out a weeping fan in the away end. This supporter cannot have been upset about her team losing a game because that would be ridiculous. It’s not like she supports Sunderland. Maybe, then, she was shedding tears for the plight of the poor marginalised British manager.It cannot be long before Sam Allardyce returns to the Qatari sofa to chew with Keys and Gray, to bang on about being a protected species after being overlooked for the Everton job. He had an interview with the club’s suits earlier this week but it seems they’re planning to make an offer to Burnley’s Sean Dyche. Outrageous! Another British manager overlooked in favour of the latest flavour of the month! It’s a disgrace! There’s only one thing for it if Big Sam wants to work in England again: he really needs to cultivate his Samuele Allardici character, develop an Italian accent, introduce the word trequartista to his vocabulary and work on the hand gestures. Continue reading…

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