Serie A’s top five maintain frightening pace, with Milan no match for Juve | Paolo Bandini

Juventus’s Gonzalo Higuaín proved the difference at San Siro as the top five teams’ dominance continued, as did talk of reducing Serie A from 20 teamsThe debate about how many clubs should compete in Serie A never really went away. Italian football’s top division has expanded and contracted many times in almost 90 years of existence. At its smallest, it has contained only 16 teams, and at its largest, an awkward 21. Right now, we are back at 20 but there has been a growing clamour to reduce that figure. The Italian Football Federation’s own president, Carlo Tavecchio, has repeatedly stated his belief that 18 teams would be “perfect”. On the evidence of this season so far, you could make a case for more swingeing cuts. Continue reading…

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